Widespread New Zealand Car, Campervan and Motorhome Rental Terms and Situations

Seasonal Rates:

The greatest rates for New Zealand are in the summer months from December until finally the end of February, during this interval automobiles need to be booked well in advance or you will have small opportunity of finding 1 when you flip up.
November and March are virtually as occupied, due to the fact the climate is nonetheless great but the prices are cheaper. Booking is suggested.
October and April are a bit less costly again and during these months you could be ready to arrive in New Zealand and select up a low cost rental car or relocation offer.
Could to the stop of September is the quietest as this is winter and a bit chilly with a good ski season. Booking is not genuinely needed in the course of this time and you will be capable to phone about to select up good specials including very good relocation deals.
A relocation offer is where you could decide on up a car in 1 metropolis and drop it in one more for a minimum cost.

Extra Km Charges:

Practically all of New Zealand car rental firms do not cost for kms on top of their every day employ cost. The exception to this rule is if you wish to employ a car for a lot less than the rental companies minimum daily employ time.
Vehicle rental companies sometimes have a km charge for diesel tax, which is a government cost to all proprietors of diesel automobiles. Most businesses will contain this in their day-to-day rental charge.

What is 1 day of Rental?

Most rental companies cost for each day you have the car eg, a rental from 11am Friday to 11am Saturday is a two-day rental. This is since the car cannot be rented out to anyone else on possibly of these 2 days. To make the most of this rule choose the vehicle up on the morning of the initial day and drop it off at the stop of the 2nd day.
You will still uncover some rental firms that handle this situation as 1 day but have penalty expenses if you are late for any cause.

Diesel Tax:

This is a federal government tax and is not produced up. But this is another way organizations can make some extra cash because there will be a “mark up” on the government cost.

GST (Goods and Companies Tax):

This is a 12½% authorities tax on products brought in New Zealand. This need to be included in all organization marketed rates.

Airport Transfers:

Car rental companies will at times contain totally free airport transfers, some only supply or pay for transport to pick up your car. If you are employing a budget car you may have to pay for your transfers.

Windscreen, Tyre and Headlight Insurance policy:

The way that rental car businesses manage this place can range. Some don’t cover damage to these points at all, which indicates you the traveller has to shell out for any harm. Some car rental companies cost further to insure versus injury. Some car rental companies consist of it in their extra/bond reduction options. What ever they do we would suggest you cover yourself in opposition to injury to these objects. New Zealand has many stone chip roads with trucks that can and do throw up stones. The insurance plan also addresses tyre harm. Windscreens can assortment from $300 upwards
To resolve Stone chips businesses charge from $thirty upwards per chip
Tyre’s can assortment from $100 upwards
All of the above estimates depend on the type of car.


All car rental businesses get a bond of some description off their buyers. The more substantial firms will have a regular option of debiting your credit card instantly.
This is the first choice, and then they will have numerous other excess/bond reduction alternatives, which could lessen the bond to in some cases, to nil. Since not numerous men and women can afford to have the 1st bond alternative taken out of their getaway credit card account, it forces many men and women to get the excess reduction possibilities, which could be all around an added $35 for each day to lessen the excess to nil (the rental car business will have a highest quantity that you have to pay for lengthy hires eg a hundred day hire would = $3500 at $35 for every day but the organizations maximum amount may well be $1500). It is just a way for the rental company to make added cash from the nervous driver. The car rental organization will nonetheless hold a modest bond to cover incidentals eg, the car returns entire of fuel, in a clear and tidy issue. This is returned as soon as the car is returned.

More compact car rental businesses typically have greater 1st possibilities for your bond or excess they can array from $750 to $3500 (the greater figure would be for drivers beneath twenty five) and most have bond reduction options accessible. The more compact firms generally do not reduce their excess to nil and $250 looks to be the reduce bond possibilities, this may charge around an additional $15 for each day.
The smaller rental car organizations also generally do not debit your card quickly, and will only debit need to any accident take spot.
Some companies have diverse levels of extra based regardless of whether the incident is a “single car incident” or an accident triggered by reckless use of the car by the driver.

Driving Licences:

New Zealand rental companies will generally accept full drivers licences from English talking nations. You might need to have an international drivers licence if your nations drivers licence is not in English.
These guidelines are at the discretion of every single rental business.

New Zealand Car Insurance:

In New Zealand car insurance coverage in NOT compulsory so someone may hit you who is not insured this indicate you shed your bond. The way most rental businesses handle accidents like this is. You take down the information of the person who hits you and if the rental business recovers their funds then you get your bond back again.

Extra Driver Expenses:

These look to be a issue of the prior and we have not found any car rental firms that nevertheless have this cost in area. If there have been car rental firms even now charging for an extra driver, they are the exception to the standard rule.

Roadside Help:

All New Zealand car rental companies offer really great roadside assistance. This is normally by means of the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA) The AA is a great organisation who have agents all about NZ. All car rental organizations obtain the same company from the AA no issue how huge the rental organization is. The AA will come out to you assess your difficulty, correct it on the spot if probable or tow you for free to the nearest reputable support station, garage or agent that can resolve your problem ASAP.
The bigger car businesses with branches all about NZ are able to offer the finest car alternative alternatives with 24-hour mobile phone help and this would be a single of the causes you would shell out a increased rental payment. At times the smaller firms can not pay for at the charges you are paying to have 24-hour cellphone guidance, but the AA does have a 24-hour toll cost-free number. If the more compact car organization can’t change a car themselves, if a thing goes improper, they will check out to find you a new car from a different rental organization. All accidents or injury ought to be described to the car rental organization as soon as realistically probable. But there is an exception to this rule. Most car rental businesses will allow you to pay for repairs up to a selected sum with out informing them. You need to preserve the receipts, and they will provide a refund

Refunds for breakdowns:

All car rental businesses ought to refund monies for the rental charge of days off the road brought on by car mechanical breakdown.
It is that easy they will not pay for, motel/hotel charges, the hiring of other autos or missed bookings or flights.
If you acquire refunds for any other reasons you have located a wonderful rental car company, then suggest them to your close friends.

Quality of a Car Rental:

The common in New Zealand of rental automobiles is very substantial with rigorous federal government tips in purchase for a motor vehicle to be offered a rental certificate of fitness (COF). No car rental company desires you to breakdown on your journey this only expenses the firm cash and “bad press”.
A good rule to use is the more your everyday employ rate is the more recent the rental car is. They are typically all set out in the identical way and are all the identical dimension for the identical sort of car (there are only so many techniques a five-door car can be set out).
Constantly keep in mind if you are dealing with one thing mechanical points do break, no make a difference what the age.

Prolonged Rental Special discounts:

All rental car companies offer lengthy rental period discounts.

Cancellation policies:

All New Zealand car rental organizations have extremely rigid cancellation policies. Make positive you have your correct dates. If you show you late you will even now have to pay out for the days you are late and if you will not flip up at all assume the total quantity of the rental to be debited to your credit card. By agreeing to the car business terms and conditions you give the company the authority to do this. If you return the car early do not expect a refund.

Credit Cards:

With all car rental companies you want a credit card to hold any bonds on.

Optional Extras:

There is only one rental business we can uncover that does not charge for extras these as mountain bikes, tents, TVs and other equipment to make your trip much more pleasurable. You may be able to negotiate products for cost-free if you are employing for a prolonged period of time.

Driving Fines:

These will be charged to your credit card on return from your trip.


All car rental companies will provide petrol/diesel. Return the car with the amounts that they have been furnished to you at.

Road Limitations:

All car rental firms have all around 4 roads/regions that cars can’t drive on. You will not just stray onto these roads/places, they are well indication posted.

Pick up and Drop off spots:

The bigger the car rental firm the more options you will have. The scaled-down car rental businesses could have greater day-to-day hire premiums, that encourages you to organise your travel so you select up and drop off to the very same location.

1 Way Hires:

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Most car rental companies supply 1-way hires. Some car rental firms cost one particular-way retain the services of fees. These are regular as the charge of obtaining motor vehicle back again from places is at times substantial. The more substantial rental car businesses will give you better choose up and drop off locations.


All car rental businesses do not accept animals in their vehicles except if they are manual dogs.

Standard Principles:

All car companies have their vehicles as dependable as achievable

In most circumstances the much more you pay the later on product vehicle you will get

No animals

Everyday retain charges fluctuate significantly

Far more personalised service from more compact organizations

Bond/excess options fluctuate tremendously

Often turn up, prevent cancellations, get your dates right

Much better back up car replacement possibilities from greater companies

Steer clear of spending for additional drivers

Stay away from paying out for extra kms

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Take windscreen, headlight and tyre insurance coverage

Shop around

You can negotiate in the off season (New Zealand is booked up throughout summer)

Ebook early for the greatest deals in summer

Assume all NZ car companies to provide AA 24-hour roadside guidance

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