Why we should observe out heart rate

The best way to train completely supervised is to use heart rate monitors. Even though you might think that heart rate monitors are used only by top sport players, even if you are an amateur you can find your place in this story.
If you only buy a heart rate monitor and just use it for measuring your heart rate you will not accomplish much. You have to know how to apply heart rate monitor and you need to know something more about your heart, measure it’s characteristics and also know what is your minimum and what is your maximum heart rate. While you rest; you can measure your minimum heart rate using your heart rate monitor. Athletes have usually larger hearts, so their hearts don’t need to “work” as hard as with the regular people.
If you are just starting to exercise and you continue to exercise regularly, you will find that your minimum heart rate will decrease even more as your heart grows. Minimal heart rate is usually measured in the morning, while still in bed. You should measure your minimum heart rate for three days and then count the average heart rate. When measuring the maximum heart rate with your heart rate monitor, you need to warm up and run half a mile – after that jog slowly for three minutes and ran another half mile fast as you can.
When you are nearly done, you should check your heart rate monitor and you will probable reach your peak. The normal maximum heart rate is counted easily, for an example, men should take the number 220 and take away their number of years. Women should do the same thing, but instead of number 220 they have to take the number 226. There are also a couple of things that you need to be aware of when buying a heart rate monitor. The device must have enough memory; it should be able to store the whole training. A waterproof heart rate monitor would be a good idea to. Also, the heart rate monitor should be able to connect to your personal computer. With such a device you could print diagrams of every training so you could have a much deeper info about your condition. Also, if you are a biker, you should choose a heart rate monitor that can be attached to your bike. Buy Polar heart Monitors

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