Why Choose SEO Hosting?

There exists a great deal of craze regarding SEO hosting these days. Every webmaster wants to get onto the SEO hosting bandwagon and gain something from it. Nonetheless, SEO hosting isn’t for everybody. If you’re a small blogger or own a site that doesn’t demand any generic prospects, SEO hosting is usually not for you. It requires time, funding and technological knowledge at your end. However, if you’re a professional web marketer with a system of blogs/sites that requires back-links, leads, and traffic by means of search results, SEO hosting might be just what your network is looking to get. In this post, we analyze different facets that SEO hosting surpasses regular web hosting plans.

Class C IPs:

The most important thing that sets apart SEO hosting from normal web hosting happens to be the utilization of Class C IP addresses in SEO hosting. Class C IP addresses are based upon a number of places all over the world. This is useful whenever you have a system of sites. In standard website hosting, the full group of sites is managed on the very same IP address, thus it will become quite simple for an internet search engine spider to trace the origin of all your sites to one particular manager. This may limit your search engine ranking. Even so, with multiple class C IP addresses, your network of web sites is organized on a multitude of distinct IP addresses, many even continents apart.

Distinctive Nameserver per website:

Apart from different IP addresses, real SEO hosting services allot an exclusive Nameserver to every one of your web-sites. This ensures that all your sites are separate from one another and they are rated independently. As a few words of wisdom, check-up with your SEO hosting provider about Nameserver allocation. You will find lots of SEO hosting suppliers that do not present a unique Nameserver per web-site and you need to ensure the availability of precisely the same in your bundle

Exceptional rDNS Web servers for every single Class C IP addresses.

Very good SEO hosting deals map an exclusive rDNS with every site. Make sure that each of your class C IP addresses has a distinct rDNS mapped to it. rDNS mapping is an additional method by which Google search robots search through a website’s network. A lot of SEO hosting providers trick the customers into believing that Class C IPs are satisfactory to supply their network of sites an exceptional identity. Nonetheless, that isn’t true, and when unique rDNS are mapped to each of your websites could be important in curtailing your sites from becoming penalized by the search engine. Check up with your SEO hosting provider on rDNS administration prior to joining.

Expert support employees:

Many SEO hosting plans utilize Search engine optimisation authorities to boost their services. It is very good news if you are not technically conscious of the intricacies of Search engine optimisation. Many SEO hosting facilities help you in remodeling your website’s Search engine optimization technique to sync up your SEO hosting package deal. Very good SEO hosting firms have 24×7 support network. This goes a long way in making certain that your web site is live constantly and does not break down regularly.

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