Why buy Football shirts?

So, you are going to football matches even before you knew how to walk? Sunday’s are usually reserved for local football games? Then you would probably want to buy a football shirt or even consider buying several football shirts. After all, that is not a waste of money for a fan like you!
Let’s take a look at the history of shirts in Football. Football is being played since Victorian era, but back then player’s didn’t have any obligations to uniforms or numbers. First uniforms have appeared in the end of the 19th century, and after the audience decided that it is easier to know what players belong to which team. Back then only the rich ones could play football because of the expenses that a Football team has, from shirts to balls. Also, there were matches where both teams wore the same color, so the decision was made that the teams need to have different football shirts.
Until the year 1930 there were no digits on the shirts, and even after that the player’s could not wear the shirts because there was football suspension during the War. Numbered football shirts were back then made only in Britain, but teams all over the globe decided that they should also buy football shirts that have numbers. . Football shirts, as we know them today, were made in the 1950’s. It was agreed that the shirts should have short sleeves and that they should be made out of light materials.After about 20 years manufacturers decided to make shirts with lighter material that should improve the quality of players performance.
And so was the new method of making football shirts born. Also there were new fabrics included in the new proces, so the football clubs begun to buy football shirts that can improve the performance of each player. Footbal shirts had lots of space on them, so after some time was the free space used for logos and commercials. Selling those ad spaces was vital for the club, because it presented more income and better equipment.
There is also room for regular fans, like the ones from the beginning of this text.They have designed special football shirts that are meant to be worn with jeans or other clothes; clothing that is not meant to be worn on the football field. So, the fans can buy the shirts as an expression of their passion, they don’t need to wear it only on the field.
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