Whitewater Rafting in Cairns

Up here in far North Queensland, we are blessed with some of Oz’s most unvarying white water rafting rivers within easy reach. In fact there isn’t another place in Australia that can boast that they have commercial white water rafting operators operating on 4 local rivers.

The rivers that are located at hand are the Barron River, Tully River, Johnston River and Russell Rivers, as well as numerous seasonal streams that only run in the wet season. This definately must make White Water Rafting in Cairns something special. The Barron River Whitewater rafting and Tully River Whitewater Rafting operate using whats referred to as controlled release. This is when the water is set free at a set time from a dam or Hydro Electric Scheme. These two are easily our most popular rivers with both full and half day tours departing daily. The Barron River has grades 2-3 rapids while the Tully has a more challenging grade of 3 to 4 and even 5 in some sections.

The Johnstone River runs just after out wet season, but offers fly in Rafting camping trips with up to Grade 5 rapids. This tour is quite expensive.

The Russel River uses blow up double kayaks, which is a bit different from the regular inflatable rafts, they are still heaps of fun and easy to use. This run does however require a short hike in to the start point through some lush rainforest. The Russel River has rapids in the range of grade 2-3 with sometimes a few grade 4’s during the wet season.

All fun happens under the watchful eyes of highly trained river guides, and all tour operators hold the relevant official licensces and Insurance. So there is nothing to worry about if you desire to experience some white water rafting while on your vacation in Cairns.

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