Wheelchair lifts made with German efficiency

After visiting a relation in Germany they requested me to help them look for platform lifts for a wheelchair or as she said “Plattformlifte” so I set about exploring, all the time thinking it might be simpler to get a German speaking relative as I might find something although it is more likely to be from an English speaking website, and, if it is an English speaking website it in all probability won’t be based in Germany. I searched nevertheless and finally located one that I was able to get translated.

Because she is moving house before long it was a necessity to get the place accessible for wheelchair use and the ‘Plattformlift’ looks like a exceptional option.

A particular design of the stair lifts, the wheelchair platform lift. If you require a wheelchair rider (or driver) to defeat a staircase, this edition of the stair lift is the right answer. They can aid you choose the right brand product directly to you at home and rely on the experience they have got in 28 years. Often the options are less costly here than one might believe. They can show you illustrations of mounting platform lifts in your area, partly public and partly private in scope. And their welcoming consultants will gladly make you an offer on the spot and speak in advance all the important points with you. They overcome barriers! Do not get shut out of life!

Well it sounded good to me at any rate, heres me in Germany for the first time and I have just managed to book and organise my family members wheelchair lift, the Treppenlift. I thought it to be so much more tricky above all not being a native speaker but thanks to the wonderful internet and great website I was able to negotiate my way around and get everything put in place.

Now I can get back to my schnitzel and leder hosen, is that stereo typing? To be honest I am Scottish and eat haggis, not a supporter of a Kilt but from time to time I have been know to wear one so I would have to presume that there are some Germans out there that do wear Leder Hosen and Schnitzels. I know I without doubt would if I lived there.

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