What to do on a vacation to Cairns.

I hear a great number of travellers asking What to do in Cairns? Well there are an just about infinate amount of cool options. Many of the best scuba diving sites on the Great Barrier Reef are a quick boat trip from Cairns. That’s why Cairns is world renowned as the starting point for diving at the spectacular Great Barrier Reef . Whether you want to go on a live-aboard, take a day boat out or learn how to dive, Cairns is the place for you. The Barrier Reef is over 2000km in length and is the largest coral reef system on Earth. It is the also the only living thing seen from outer space. It is definately one of Mother Nature’s finest accomplishments and we all must strive to protect it.

Cairns is a semi-tropical touristy city with perfect beaches, such as Clifton Beach and Ellis Beach, modern seafood restaurants, a very nice man made lagoon perfect for a dip and the relaxing Cairns Esplanade for a leisurely walk along the waterfront. You can checkout the palm-fringed beach towns Mission Beach and Port Douglas or take a boat tour to ever trendy Fitzroy Island. Inland you can find fantastic old growth rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls and deep blue lakes. You may wish to sample the towns Kuranda, Mareeba and the capital of the tablelands,Atherton. Definately don’t forget the stunning Crater Lakes National Park. As well as the more well known Great Barrier Reef trips there are rafting tours, seakayaking trips, cable cars, rainforest canopy walks and bungee jumps. Clubs, bars, restaurants and a wicked Cairns nightclub scene add to this already great vacation option offering activities and attractions for everybody.

The weather in Cairns tends to be more pleasurable in winter, from July to November, with a lower humidity levels, in spite of this basically Cairns can be visited at any time of the year. Water temp levels in the low 30s, tour operators for all sorts of Great Barrier Reef trips and incredibly balanced and fish covered dive sites make Cairns Scuba Diving Cairns Scuba Diving one of the best dive areas in the world.

Now there’s no reason for you to ask “What to do in Cairns?”

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