What is Available Light Photography

Available light is also referred as ambient lighting. It means any source of lighting that isn’t created by the photographer using tools such as strobe lighting or flash for the purpose of taking photograph. A couple of obvious example of this natural lighting could possibly be the Sun or Moon. Other example could be artificial lights that’s already there. For an Instance, a automobile’s head lights, pole lights on the street, or glowing source from a retail store sign.

Ambient lights requires extra skill to perfect the image than simply popping a flash at ETTL mode. Based on the scenario, the subject may not face toward certain direction. The brightness is also not adjustable because you’re not going to inform the Sunlight what to do. Usually, a skilled photographer will manipulate the natural source of light with reflectors to brighten up the model in a certain way. Shades could also put in good use in outdoor photography because typically the sun could be very harsh on the subject.

Certainly one of my favorite lighting is the window light. Having a subject stand in front of the window or glass door can create some superb pictures. The glass can defuse the incoming lighting and sometimes it creates a soft box effect. The main difference between ambient lighting and studio lighting is that ambient may be very soft, and may improve the vibrant color of the image. Studio lighting is more rich in contrast, and it creates a really sharp look depending on the setup.

Often, ambient lighting is also used as fill- source to help the primary lighting. An excellent photographer who is aware of what he’s doing have so many ways to manipulate ambient lighting to make a picture to tell a wonderful story. The success of available light photography is all depends on the environment of the scene, the time, and the skill of a professional photographer.

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