What, Force Multipliers Don’t Work?

Confront the Looming U.S. Military Crisis
I’m being a wiseguy with the title to this post. It appears we are two divisions short to handle our commitments. I’m not expert enough to actually make a call on this, but I have been told that OPTEMPO is higher than at any time since Vietnam. You be the judge.

Every day a haunting quote from a former Army general emerges to the forefront of my thoughts and conscionable beliefs: “Beware the 12-division strategy for a 10-division Army,” warned former Army chief of staff Gen. Eric Shinseki.

Shortly thereafter, Shinseki reported, toes on the line with bag and baggage, for his, “freedom bird” flight home to his native Hawaii and virtual obscurity in retirement. He had just been “shown the side door” by the Pentagon’s current one-two knockout punch team of Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.

Read the rest. Decide for yourselves and feel free to discuss in comments, which managed to stay closed a grand total of 36 hours.

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