We Mutually Pledge To Each Other Our Lives, Our Fortunes And Our Sacred Honor.

Bill Whittle has a new essay up. The 1st Marine Division — the ones that toppled the statue of Saddam in Baghdad — are headed back for Iraq — the Sunni Triangle –and are asking for your help. They’re taking the first half of the “no better friend, no worse enemy” slogan and putting it into action. They’re collecting money to help out in Iraq, such as medical supplies and toys for the kids. If the first half of the slogan works, maybe the second half won’t be needed.

I’ll be donating — they take PayPal — and hope you will as well.

They’re obviously not the only ones over there. The 25thID(L) just got deployed to Iraq and I’m sure they would appreciate your support, as well as the other soldiers. You can send our soldiers care packages via the USO and can contribute care packages via Operation Gratitude. I’m sure the soldiers will appreciate it.

Via Hook.

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