Virtual Baby Maker: Take A Glimpse Into The Future

Lots of pregnant woman today can’t await to see how will they future baby appear to be. At the present time technology has the answer.

Do you ever imagine having a baby and fantasizing what the little bundle of joy looks like? Or are you an expectant mom who can’t wait for 9 months and is already asking herself “what will my baby look like?” However 3D and 4D ultrasound are now being in place to let expectant parents see the facial attributes of their baby before they were given birth to, couples can now imagine what their own babies will look like for free by making use of a virtual baby maker. This face-morphing program is now obtainable in the internet and all you have to do is upload your picture and your partner’s picture and a realistic projection of your baby is created.

How Does It Work?

Since a virtual baby maker is software, it applies algorithms to visualize your baby based on the pictures that you have uploaded. There are actually some websites that just make morphed representation of the baby which will sometimes look unpleasant. But some decent websites truly uses modern facial recognition technologies to produce a realistic picture of your baby and answers your question “what will my baby look like?”.

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When you upload the two pictures in the website, the program assesses these photos carefully and identifies the facial features of the two people in the photos. Then applying mathematical transitions that is said to be innovative, these facial features are used to create a totally new face, therefore giving you a realistic diagnosis of what your baby will look like. Some programs also choose the gender of your child randomly, while certain websites allows you to choose the child’s gender.

In uploading the particular photos, some websites do not want to have it cleaned and modified using Photoshop to produce a very nice baby photo. There’s also no need to cop, colorize, and rotate the pictures. Nevertheless, you just need to be sure that there’s no item (like clothing, other parts of the body, or hair) blocking your faces in the picture to achieve desirable results. Though the program may not be too accurate to really produce or guess the facial features of your future child, some websites promises to produce adequate results as possible.

Another good thing about a virtual baby maker is that, most websites offer its use for free. They don’t charge fees just for you to definitely get a glimpse of your future child. Likewise, you don’t need to download the actual program and then install it in your personal computer. The process of creating baby pictures happens entirely in your internet browser. This program is definitely a nice way of taking a glimpse into the faces of your future children.

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