Under Attack By Moonbats

I told you this year would be rough. In my first entry on the Hitler kerfuffle one commenter begins as such:

I really feel as if I’m posting to a board that wasn’t created by human beings, but by neo-fascists who use whatever means to cover for their abhor rant behavior in politics.

There is factual evidence for comparing Bush to Hitler. Bush’s family actually supported Hitler’s regime.

Yet I’m not human. Hmm. Tough year we have ahead of us and MoveOn.Org will not be any help. Some people simply cannot be reasoned with. There have been rumors of Kennedy family support for the Nazis as well. Should we pursue that or is it just paranoia, like the statements below?

UPDATE: She continues:

You see you Republican Nazi Fascist pigs, it’s the way those deluded balls hang between your legs waiting for your next dose of Viagra to keep up appearances that you are men. You are cowards, bastards, and your motivations are being exposed for what you are. Republican, low life slime, liars, pigs, waiting for the moment in history to maime, murder, innocent Americans who oppose the Dictator’s policies! You hog tie them now, pigs, for protesting this vile Administration’s violation of basic civil liberties and rights to protest the government’s obscene policies around the world, one day fascist, lying pigs, you will be applying the same torture you use against other countries, to Americans.

As I mentioned in a comment a few minutes ago, I posted the first Bush=Hitler entry at a time when I was very angry. I got past the anger, made a comment to another post saying as much, and scrolled down to see that I was under attack. I probably should have ignored the Bush=Hitler story to begin with, but it has been telling as to the character of some of my political opponents.

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