Twitter Marketing – Is It A Great Way To Grow Your List?

Software tools to automate marketing on Twitter were being heavily promoted a few years ago. Twitter was seen as a good new way of getting a list of people whom you could target to advertise your products. But the question is, were any of those programs that were sold, actually doing you any good? Precisely how great is Twitter marketing? This article will examine the case for becoming involved and to find if it will really repay your time and effort.

Like many of you, when all the tools came out to help people build a huge Twitter following that you could promote to, I decided to check out. Not only did I put out money to sign up for programs that would get me followers but I invested in several softwares to help advertise the products I was selling. In all, I ended up purchasing about eight different programs that would assist me with all of this.

One of these programs was an automatic ‘people follower’ on Twitter with the intention that some of those people would follow me in return. If a person was not following me, I had another program that would automatically take them off my to-follow list. Deleting non-followers meant I could devote my attention on those who might be swayed to follow me. Amongst other tools I purchased, there was one tool which automatically tweeted a blog post just as soon as it was posted to my blog. I must say that the combined effect of employing all these tools together produced excellent results since each program did as advertised. However, my excitement was quickly crushed when I realized that I wasn’t making any money. I would post to my blog 10 times each day and those posts would be shown directly on Twitter just like they are supposed to. Wanting to increase the number of daily posts, I found a way to automatically post any number of entries to my blog and hopefully obtain more followers on Twitter.

So permit me to reveal to you my results. Applying this strategy over three years resulted in almost ten thousand people following me on Twitter. And though you may think that is fantastic, just wait. During those three years I had affiliate links to my products on no less than 15,000 blog postings in my Twitter account. My blog posts displaying on Twitter was the only kind of advertising for that blog I did and to test the effectiveness of Twitter I did not even ping new posts as they were published. Well I learned, in the last 3 years I generated 2 affiliate sales for a total of $48, and I pulled in $8.52 with Adsense. And that particular blog only gets about 2 to 4 visitors daily from Twitter.

Even with nearly 10,000 Twitter followers and using software automation, it seems that this is not sufficient to make money marketing with Twitter. The bottom line is that the money I’ve pulled in is not adequate to cover the cost of the Twitter software I paid for to start with. There could be other effective methods to market on Twitter, but from my experience, using automatic software tools is not one of them.

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