Travelling to Australia? Here’s Some Suggestions.

It’s the only continent in the world that also happens to be a country. They’re known for the kangaroo and rugged men with their heavy Australian accents. For an exotic experience during your honeymoon, why not try exploring the Cairns Australia wilderness and bask in the Australian sun?

There’s a varied range of spa treatments, horse drawn carriage rides, hot air balloon rides and rafting and scuba diving in this part of the world. The Australian wilderness, with the kangaroos and the koalas and the various species of birds are perfect for the couple who’d like to explore the outdoors and get in touch with the rugged side of nature.

A world class city, there’s Sydney to explore – the restaurants for wining and dining and the stores for shopping – if you ever get tired of the Australian wild. If you want adventure, there’s the Sydney Harbor Bridgeclimb to take you on top of the world.

And if you want to feel the seaside breeze and the cool mountain air, there’s the city of Melbourne. Explore their offerings of parks, gardens, and pure, Australian entertainment. There’s also the Yarra Valley, with its 30 wineries, to visit.

There’s Brisbane with its tropical weather and amazing beaches. Go swimming at the Gold and Sunshine Coasts or explore the islands of Moreton Bay and the Scenic Rim. Farther north, there’s an amazing rainforest you can explore.

January is also a hectic month for Australia because it hosts the “Festival of Sydney.” This means a celebration where there is a great display of street theatre, huge and enormous exhibits of fireworks and a lot of open air concerts. Other celebrations and festivities include the Comedy Festival held in Melbourne during the month of April and in September, writers are given honor and recognition with their own “Writer’s Festival.” It may interest you to know that there is also one very unique Australian festival that would be very exciting for all beer lovers and that is the “Darwin Beer Can Regatta” which is held in the month of August. The festival entails not the drinking-beer-until-you-drop theme as a lot of people may think but it involves boat races where the water crafts are ingeniously made out of beer cans. And alternative people are not to be set aside when you are in Cairns Australia because they have their very own Mardi Gras too. This event is usually celebrated in the months of February or March. Melbourne also takes on a Midsummer’s Festival in the months of January or February.

The point in fact, there is no bad time to visit Australia as the weather is usually good. The sun is usually scorching hot and sizzling during December to February which is perfect for summer vacations and escapades. The beaches and oceans of Australia are more than welcoming for you to take a dip in its waves and enjoy breaking surf or two. During the months of June until August, you get to take pleasure in playing with the snow and skiing to your heart’s content in the regions of Victoria and New South Wales.

If money and expenses are the issue, you may be glad to know that in Australia the accommodation and food are very affordable and could be very well within your financial budgets. There are budget meals to choose from in a lot of establishments and one way to save is to cook your own food which is typically allowed in most camps or hostels.

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