Top Ten Free Things to See & Do in Cairns Queensland

Imagine You’re in Cairns. You’ve spent all your travel funds doing a dive trip or bungee jump. More funds won’t magically appear so you will want some free activities for the remainder of your vacation in Cairns.

1. Spend a day in the purpose builtLagoon, no crocodiles, no sharks, no nasty stingers, just cool clear water and hot backpackers.

2. Dip at Crystal Cascades. Rock pool after rock pool, waterfall after waterfall. Spectacular world heritage rainforest setting.

3. Stroll the Red Arrow walk track for views of the city. Or jog, thats what some crazy Cairns people do.

4. Enjoy a Swim and a drink at Lake Placid. The swims free, the drinks aren’t. The atmosphere is priceless.

5. Float down the Mulgrave from Ross & Locke to the Highway. If you haven’t got a boat blow up an wine cask.

6. Watch the GBR boats return at the Marina. And play pick the most sunburnt english backpacker.

7. Go for a Wednesday twilight sail with the Cairns Cruising Yacht Club. If they need crew, they’re all too happy to take you along.

8. Stroll from Holloways Beach to Yorkeys Knob. Its even better with a loved one.

9. Climb Walsh’s Pyramid for breathless views. It’s unbelievably steep and long, but it’s well worth the effort.

10.Hike up the Barron Gorge, and see the Barron falls from the bottom, and check out the tourists at the top wondering how to climb down there.

I hope this list helps you entertain yourself if you find yourself out of money in Cairns, or maybe it even made you want to check out Cairns.

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