They Forgot To Invite Me

United Press International: Chicago anti-war rally draws 10,000
I was home this weekend and would have been available but they seem to have lost my invitation to the rally. I can’t believe they’re trying to demonize the advertising firm that does the “Army of One” commercials. If anything they should be protesting the guy that did away with “Be All That You Can Be”.

More protests along with civil disobedience are promised when the war starts.

With war in Iraq seemingly increasingly inevitable, thousands rallied downtown Sunday, marching through the streets as they chanted “no to war and yes to peace.”

At least 10,000 people crowded into Daley Plaza to hear from dozens of speakers, labor leaders, politicians, clergy and students in the largest anti-war protest in the city since the U.S. military build-up began in the Middle East.

Eric Peters, a student at the University of Chicago, said that demonstrators were ready to conduct acts of civil disobedience beginning the day of a U.S. invasion. Students for Social Justice marched to the Leo Burnett Building on Michigan Avenue to protest the award-winning ad agency’s “Army of One” recruiting campaign targeting Generation Y.

The students from dozens of high schools and colleges said they were upset that the United States had paid Burnett $150 million for a slick campaign using heavy metal music and video games to make military service appear “fun and adventurous.”

“What do we want? Peace! When do we want it? Now,” marchers chanted under the gaze of police officers who blocked traffic on side streets. Their signs read: “War is not an option,” “Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld — the real axis of evil,” and “No blood for Oil.” No one was arrested.

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