The Worst boat trip I’ve ever done!

I expected Cairns to be a lovely tropical tourist town perfectly placed for scuba diving on the great barrier reef. Alas it was cold and rainy. Just like it was like when we left Melbourne! The winds were also up at sea – about 25-30 knots. It was overcast, so visibility underwater wasn’t going to be perfect as well, but we couldn’t not dive on the Great Barrier Reef having just got our dive certifications! As we got our boarding passes for the cruise the man at the counter thought that we should go on a bigger boat and dose ourselves with some anti-sickness tablets… We stuck to our first decision. The trip out was insanely choppy! The boat was shaking as it crashed through the waves. Exciting stuff – I wanted my mum! We reached the outer reef about 50 minutes later. I went for two dives. The first dive really wasn’t that good at all. There was nothing down there and it was a bit chilly – I was shiverring. The following dive was much better. We got to see a leatherback turtle. It was eating weed off the rocks. We also got to see anenome fish – the ‘Finding Nemo’ fish! It was still pretty lifeless out there. We were led to beleive that it was due to the choppy seas – the fish either go to deeper water or hide in the coral to stop themselves being battered against all the rocks. At the end of the dive someone threw out fish pellets. These massive sea bass swarmed in – positively scary looking with jagged teeth. It was eye opening to be sitting in amongst it all though!
We met an Aussie chap called Brad on our dive trip. He’d been travelling around Australia giving lectures on computer stuff… virtual machines within machines… I dunno… well we invited him to join us for dinner at the Woolshed! We were given free dinner vouchers from our hostel. After about 9pm the bar transforms into a meat market… so We left for a kareoke bar.
I only stayed four days of the nine that I had intended to Holiday in Cairns, and decided to head for Brisbane.

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