The Washington Snipers And Terror Connections

With friends like the Saudis . . .
Mark Steyn is at it again, and right on the mark. I was one of those who doubted a terror connection with the snipers, though they clearly were sowing terror throughout the D.C. metro area. Now it looks like I was wrong.

It’s a little sly, and subtle, but Steyn is mocking Roeper — who is a film critic, along with Ebert — by using the term “suspension of disbelief”, a term commonly used with regard to movies.

A year ago, when the self-regarding buffoon Chief Moose was bungling the Washington sniper investigation and the cable-news shows were full of endless psychological profiles of “white male loners,” a few of us columnists entertained the notion that the killer was linked to Islamist terrorism. My colleague Richard Roeper thought this was so absurd that he very kindly apologized to Sun-Times readers on my behalf. “An awful lot of conservatives really, really wanted the snipers to be terrorists,” explained Richard. “But they were wrong. I’ll say that because they never will.”

Even at the time, the Roeper position required a certain suspension of disbelief. John Allen Muhammad was a Muslim, a supporter of al-Qaida’s actions, a man who marked the events of Sept. 11 by changing his name to “Muhammad” and a man who marked the first anniversary of Sept. 11 by buying the Chevy Caprice subsequently used in the sniper attacks. Coincidence? Of course! According to Richard Roeper, it’s only a handful of conservative kooks who’d even think otherwise.

Interesting item from the London Evening Standard last week:

“Evidence has emerged linking Washington sniper John Allen Muhammad with an Islamic terror group. Muhammad has been connected to Al Fuqra, a cult devoted to spiritual purification through violence. The group has been linked to British shoe bomber Richard Reid and the murderers of American journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan last year.”

Via Kathy Kinsley. It’s Steyn: read it all for The Full Monty.

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