The Theory Of Moral Sentiments

I actually felt sick today. Not because of the Cubs game, just ill and slept most of the day to recuperate. I woke up to find Spoons is blogging again and, more interestingly, Adam Smith told him to do it:

Are you in adversity? Do not mourn in the darkness of solitude, do not regulate your sorrow according to the indulgent sympathy of your intimate friends; return, as soon as possible, to the day-light of the world and of society. Live with strangers, with those who know nothing, or care nothing about your misfortune; do not even shun the company of enemies; but give yourself the pleasure of mortifying their malignant joy, by making them feel how little you are affected by your calamity, and how much you are above it.

I’m not sure this applies to stomach problems, but it’s great advice nonetheless.

I read about half, as I recall, of The Theory of Moral Sentiments over a decade ago and lost interest in it. I still have it and might need to pick it up again. Amazing what we can learn from dead economists.

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