The Terrorists Will Lose

I received a comment to an old post entitled “The Terrorists Are Destined To Lose”. The commenter disagrees and his solution is to purge Muslims from North America and Europe. Needless to say, I disagree.

I favor immigration as it’s always been a plus for this country. People of good will, that are law-abiding and industrious, should always be welcome in this country. His “solution” assumes all Muslims to be violent and intolerant. I don’t think this to be the case.

If an American, whether he be Muslim, Jew or Christian, commits an act of terror or violence he will meet the same fate: prison. As for the ability of foreign terrorist groups to dominate other countries, they haven’t come up against anything like the U.S. or its military.

Even assuming a worst-case scenario: 100 years from now American law has been re-written and Shariah law has been imposed, it will provoke civil war. There’s no way a country that prizes religious freedom will tolerate that kind of tyranny. Ever.

Dear Sir,

Sadly I must disagree with with the assesment that sooner or later the terrorists will lose. Obviously they can’t build planes and office buildings. The technology gap in reality is as prominant as the ideological gap between the muslim world and the west.

However, destruction is easy, and not one government in conflict with terror has ever sucessfully defended against it. Israel is doomed becuase of it, Russia is going to be overrun by it, and the US can’t stop the muslims from taking down airliner with a rocket. When, not if, this happens we’ll see further economic free-fall. In the end the muslims can take horrific potshots at us for centuries. Can we withstand that? Is it not clear that muslim terrorism has not been stopped and globally we’re likely to suffer the same economic and social disintegration apparent in the Balkans, Africa, the former USSR and so on. Show me a region where the terrorists have been defeated. Is there one? You can not defeat terrorism by allowing your nation to fill up with muslims – the US muslim population is estimated at 7 – 20 million. Their birthrate is double or triple that of westerners. PLease tell me how we’ll defeat terrorism when the muslim population in the US reaches 100 million by 2050? A muslim population, even one that is peacful, is a breeding ground and cover for terror. You can only defeat muslims by keeping them in there own region. Many European nations will be dominated by muslims within 100 years. Russia will have a muslim majority in 75 – 100 years if demographic trends continue. We can see what muslims do in thier own nations, can you imagine what will become of us when North America is an islamic republic? Multiculturism should not allow the complete destruction of non-muslim nations. Muslims out of Europe and North American!

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