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There are two major ideologies in American politics. Understanding these helps us understand each other politically and enables us to make sense of what at times seems senseless. These ideologies are labeled conservative and liberal. Although these terms have changed definitions over the years, I will use them as they are currently defined.

Our PIP-POP morning has flown by in fact it is, when again, time to raise our breakfast on high and toast the “winners”. Until we meet once again. PIP-PIP HOORAY…POP GOES THE WEASELS.

I know that the eyes of the nation have been squarely dedicated to the state of Wisconsin over the past several days. This scrutiny has become brought on by union members as well as the work of the Dnc to give protesters to throw a gigantic temper tantrum about the “sacrifices” they’re getting called upon to create. The teachers would be the principal group throwing this current hissy fit. These employees at present contribute Almost nothing to their very own platinum healthcare plans, nor do they contribute towards his or her retirement accounts. The contributions are manufactured solely by the employer, your Wisconsin, which means the TAXPAYERS of your state are footing the whole bill for these public sector workers since they, employed within the private sector, have observed increases in taxes and decreases in advantages, hours, or pay. Frankly, I have found this to be maddening, and I am inspired to rant because i wipe the froth from my lips.

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The Republicans will need an inoffensive, positive, readily digestible, milquetoast conservative candidate, an individual that will not distract on the true 2012 narrative that narrows the competition to a referendum on Obamas unpopularity and American disgust with his policies and politics.

All this article will cover 2012 democratic national convention location.. This reckless prognostication started for the Huffington Post in early January, soon after O’Reilly’s camera shot was blocked by one among Obama’s aides in New Hampshire. See our previous coverage here, this includes more of HuffPo blogger Robert Brustein’s moonbat theory, reprinted below:

In what is likely a young kick start to yet another presidential run, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has publicly chided The president for apologizing to the world within the wake of the Bush administration. Romney, inside of a new book titled “No Apology: True for American Greatness,” notes that Obamas efforts to reconcile with world leaders and Muslims has concluded in a weakening in the countrys place in the world order.

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