The Planets Best Five Scuba Sites.

My word on the planets top diving areas

1. Rangiroa, Polynesia

Not many islands have captured my imagination like Polynesia, and the beautiful islands of the Tuamotu Archipelago, about 270 miles from Tahiti, felt like something special. Rangiroa means “Long Sky” and it is the second largest atoll on the planet. Two channels, named Tiputa and Avatoru, allow the Pacific into and out of the lagoon two times daily when the tides ebb & flow. I recall being carried through by the incoming tide and sharing the ride with a bunch of grey reef sharks and sometimes large hammerhead sharks, too. It is high adventure diving, but above water, the island is one of the most chilled places in the world.

2.The Cod Hole, North of Cairns Australia

Discovered by internationally recognised underwater photographers Ron and Valerie Taylor. Huge potato cod are very friendly, as they have been hand fed for the past 20 years. Fish feeds are usualy done by Dive Instructors. See clouds of cod, red bass and various more species. Descend to the sandy areas area between the coral reefs, where you can watch the fish feeding from below. See 150kg wrasse biting at the food. Other reef life includes average coral cover, anemones and Giant clams as well as cleaning stations and huge feathered stars. Accessed from Cairns or Port Douglas with various dive operators visiting the Cod Hole in their Great Barrier Reef Dive Trips.

3. Cocos and Malpelo, Eastern Pacific

These two uninhabited islands are frequented only by divers and crew of the Colombian coast guard. I have never heard of anyone visiting to Cocos and not sighting schools of hammerhead sharks, night time feeding frenzies by silky sharks. Both islands are marine parks and have their own endemic land and marine species. The islands are stunningly beautiful, and their isolation gives them a certain level of protection. Big groups of tuna and jacks come crashing in from the depths and there are over two dozen endemic fish species on Cocos by itself, including the prehistoric red-lipped batfish. The only way to dive the islands is on a dedicated safari boat such as the Ocean Explorer

4.Marsa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt.

A vacation to Marsa Alam offer incredible snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities with thousands of kinds of marine fish. Less dived than its rival, Sharm el Sheikh, its great for experiencing the best of what the Red Sea has to show. Elphinstone reef is over 180m in length and almost 20m wide, and is one of the most popular scuba sites in Marsa Alam and home to many kinds of sharks. Its excellent for viewing the pink and purple corals, home to Lion Fish and if youre lucky you could even spot whales in these tropical waters.

5.Galapagos Islands

First visited by Charles Darwin, this group of islands is a place that enthralls like nowhere else place on the planet. The Galapagos Islands, located off Ecuador, are much more than a hub of scientific discovery. Incredible discoveries are available to the average layman diver as well, as scuba divers can mingle freely underwater with penguins as well as Iguanas and a host of other sea life.

Although nearly all my scuba diving is Scuba Diving in Cairns, I still daydream about some of the destinations mentioned.

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