The oldest joke dates back to 1900 B.C.

The world’s oldest joke has been traced to 1900 BC and suggests that toilet humor was as popular using the ancients as it is right now.

It is a saying in the Sumerians, who lived in what exactly is now southern Iraq, and says: “Something which has never occurred because time immemorial: a young lady threw a fart isn’t on the knees of her husband.”

The phrase tops the checklist with the 10 oldest chistes within the globe, published Thursday by the University of Wolverhampton, UK.

The second oldest chistes de gallegos is from Pharaohs

A joke from 1600 B.C. about a pharaoh, was supposed to become the King Snofru, would be the second oldest, “How can entertain a bored pharaoh? Browse a boat loaded with young women dressed only in fishing nets and ask the pharaoh to go catch a fish “.

The jokes vary, but the question-answer format remains
The oldest British joke dates from the tenth century and shows the bawdy side of whites, “What hangs from a man’s thigh and wants to get into a hole in the typically puts something? Answer: A essential.”

“Jokes have varied more than the years, some following the query and answer format while others are witty proverbs or riddles,” stated research writer Dr. Paul McDonald, a prominent professor on the university.

Some thing in widespread, which break taboos

“What they all share nonetheless, can be a willingness to handle taboos along with a degree of rebellion. The modern word games, jokes, girls from the town of Essex and toilet humor could be located within the earliest jokes identified in this analysis “he added.

The study was commissioned by tv channel Dave which lists on its web site.

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