The Iranian Earthquake

It’s hard not to, in a Bill Clinton moment, “feel the pain” of the people of Bam, Iran considering the senseless loss of life. The story about the infant that was protected in her mother’s arms while her mother died is heartbreaking. Yet, Iran will accept help from every country on earth, including The Great Satan, but won’t accept help from Israel. Israel’s people, in a very telling move, are trying to help anyway.

Apparently a dustup has broken out in the blogosphere and I am just catching up with it. For the story check out these posts from Meryl here, here, here and here. Not having walked in hers or Lair’s shoes, I can’t judge, but there is a lot of anger out there. Mostly justifiable, it seems.

Perhaps one day Iran will no longer have an anti-Semitic government. That will be a good day.

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