The iPhone 3GS Smart Phone – An Independent Look

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should buy and use the iPhone 3GS, keep reading this article. As Apple puts its focus on newer iPhone releases, you are given the opportunity to find the older models, like the 3GS for better and much lower amounts. You are going to see that there are many different things that will make this phone the smartest choice for some people and the worst choice for other people.

If you love to read books, though, you should know that there is a great and new way to read books on your iPhone 3GS. The Apple App Store has the iBooks app for free and it gives you immediate access to more than 200,000 books. Lots of these books are cost fee but each of the books you pay for is still cheaper than buying the book in hardcover or paperback. You can also get a Kindle app, which works for books available on Amazon Kindle. This means that if you have an iPhone 3GS you don’t have to go out and buy a Kindle or other e-book reader, as your phone will serve as one. The biggest drawback to using this, though, is that the screen is quite a bit smaller, so if you avidly read e-books, you might think about buying a Kindle or maybe even an iPad to serve this purpose.

One of the main problems with people getting smart phones is that the cost is way too high. It basically comes down to whether or not the features that you want to have are worth the price. Do you want to get an iPhone 3GS? Right now, they are only which is a bargain for a phone with this many features. AT&T offers this type of deal, but it comes with a two-year contract.

So if you want a bargain on a smartphone, this might be right for you. Even if contracts are not your thing, this deal is so good that you may want to ignore the contract aspect, especially since you have to pay for a phone anyway.

Many new smartphones are enabled to do VoiceCommands; you can also do this with your iPhone 3GS if you have the Voice Control app. So if you would rather tell your device what to do and not type in commands, this is perfect for you. Your iPhone will be able to complete calls for you if you simply tell it to “Call Johnny” – it actually dials the phone and calls this person. This feature requires the background noise to be relatively low; if you travel in areas that are quite loud, it probably won’t work. Voice Control can make your iPhone 3GS even simpler to use. Only a few years old, the iPhone 3GS smartphone is like ancient technology when compared to the advancements in cellular technology as of late. Anyone that is looking for a smart phone that takes photos, and allows you to go on the Internet, this phone will probably work for you. Priced affordably now, the iPhone 3GS smartphone can do many things that you appreciate and use on a daily basis.

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