The Great Barrier Reef and a White Whale

The Cairns harbour has a fleet that contains a number of very amazing dive boats. The most recent member in this fleet is the Seastar, recently brought out this previous week.

This beautiful new boat is 80 ft long, and tends to make the journey out to Seastar’s dive sites in under an hour or so. The charter boat is definitely fast and also safe, together with lots of shaded and air-conditioned cabin space.

Seastar Cruises also has constantly prided themselves on supplying a extremely special as well as personal tour, and they are altering their specific operations to be able to greatly enhance the small group experience that these products have always supplied.

Our staff members really like the particular very simple fact that their managers cap the actual levels onboard to exactly forty individuals, certainly less than the actual capacity of the vessel; that means that there will be lots of space on board. Using a swifter boat they can easily abandon a little less early on, yet still be the actual first charter boat to go to see Michaelmas Cay, so that snorkelers along with birdwatchers have got it just about all to themselves. This particular trip is definitely unquestionably the A-list cruise meant for birdwatchers that desire to blend a great reef tour that has a possible opportunity to see exotic seabird varieties.

A nice a lot quicker trip out there also means that a lot more free time could end up being spent at Michaelmas Cay combined with Seastar’s additional dive mooring found on Hastings Reef; visitors can today spend over five hours out there on the reef.

Most of the Great Barrier Reef is distinctive in quite a few ways, and 1 can be that it is often the winter home to the only real well-known white-colored whale in the whole world.

This whale, a particular 20-year-old Humpback whale nicknamed “Migaloo”, which translates to mean white-colored man in a native aboriginal language, gets to spend his summer months feeding in Antarctica, then almost all years migrates northward towards the winter calving and mating grounds on the north Great Barrier Reef.

Migaloo was just spotted off of Port Douglas earlier this weekend, the earliest sighting of this one-of-a-kind whale since his migration southward to Antarctica last year.

Simply just the spotting of that completely unique whale is definitely big news here in Cairns. The Cairns Story, our local newspaper, happened to run some sort of cover report on the sighting, which include either a first page picture as well as inside fold out poster.

This isn’t exactly the only spot where this particular whale has an impact, as observed by the following stories which also showcased Migaloo these previous weeks:

In July Migaloo appeared to be the main poster guy associated with (blank) a collection of direct orders versus the military coaching exercise near Shoalwater Bay, found in the central zone of the Great Barrier Reef. These exercises were collectively carried out by the US and Aussie military services forces. Protesters were concerned how the high intensity sonar which will be these days a characteristic of such exercises would likely cause harm to whale populations, which include Migaloo. Generally there does seem to be superior proof connecting ocean mammal fatalities using this sort of sonar, and considering the controversy it appears to be odd how the training could be scheduled around a known whale migration path during the time whilst whales are about.

Also this season, there was a controversy when a nearby individual profitably copyrighted the word “migaloo”. Even though news reports represented the owner of the trademark like a man that wanted to use the trademark as a way of raising capital to save whales, other individuals felt that a business oriented attack on mother nature along with aboriginal traditions.

Miglaoo of course has managed to make it to Video hosting site’s., which means he’s obtained star reputation which equals Paris Hilton plus Lindsay Lohan. We have yet to examine Facebook . com or Myspace . com for Migaloo’s page, although it’s certain that in the event that he’s got a webpage, he’s got 1000s of great friends!

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