The French Have Found A Scenario Where They Might Support The War

Chemical arms will change French view
Looking for an out and a possible way to participate in the rebuilding process, France has said it will offer its aid if American troops are targeted with chemical weapons. Gee, thanks. You spent four-and-a-half months tormenting us in the Security Council and now you’ve found a scenario in which you will help. Grrrrr.

France’s view of the Iraq crisis would “change completely” if President Saddam Hussein orders the use of chemical or biological weapons against US forces, French Ambassador Jean-David Levitte said on Tuesday.

“If Saddam Hussein uses chemical or biological weapons it would change totally the situation for President (Jacques) Chirac and the French government,” Levitte said on CNN.

“President Chirac will have to decide what we could do to help the American troops, but I confirm it would change completely our perception of the situation,” he said.

France has staunchly opposed the use of military force against Iraq over its alleged arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, instead favoring continued UN weapons inspections as the best means to defuse the crisis.

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