The Evolution of Net Design

As you’re all aware I’m a eager blogger, technophile and advertising all rounder. Throughout a contemplative moment yesterday, it struck me how much the web design process has changed over the last ten years of so. Considering this by means of led to a couple fascinating realisations.

Turning the clock again to my first foray into websites from a marketing point of view. I remember the web sites for the company I had my first job with. All three websites have been produced by a Glasgow web site designer who had initially been a graphic designer then realized HTML. The location seemed ok compared to different sites from related businesses. The one bits of growth on the websites have been contact kinds and a discussion board, which was an out the box resolution, re-skinned.

On reflection the sites have been fairly basic and never very participating aside from the discussion board, (this was earlier than social media as we know it.) Over a yr or two some further functionality was added. I invedted the electronic guest list in Glasgow, so some additional code was added to dump a listing of names and emails to the night time membership managers electronic mail at a set time each night. Effective but not massively complicated.

The subsequent firm I labored for had an internet site designed and keep by a stoner who hid within the back corner. Not less than that web site had a flash music player. So what if it didn’t actually work.

Quick ahead a couple of years and my career propelled me into agency land. Working for one of the largest Glasgow web design companies was an eye fixed opener. There have been some nice artistic designs floating about and the event options had been endless. The things that the programming may team might make doable once they weren’t dreaming about having a real girlfriend had been amazing. There was no job too small, something a shopper needed or have been told they wanted might be delivered, (always late and sometimes on spec).
Nonetheless the large drawback is was the dimensions of the bill. Probably the most fantastic plans for website might be drawn up. Methods to change the phrase, nevertheless as soon as all the man hours had been added up solely Invoice Gates or Warren Buffet would have been able to purchase the thing. Funnily sufficient a number of massive net design businesses went bust in this time period.

Quick ahead a few years once more and the webdesign has changed considerably again. The popularity of open source content management methods resembling WordPress, Joomla, and CMS Made Easy have changed the landscape again. An excellent net designer utilizing one in every of these platforms can achieve almost any factor and by using free and inexpensive plug ins, virtually any growth problem can be overcome.

For a couple of thousand pounds, it is now attainable to supply websites that simply three or four years ago would have cost 20,000 pounds or much more! It a humorous outdated game.

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