The DPRK Quite Full Of Itself – N. Korea ‘will win nuke war’ – Feb. 17, 2003
I almost put this in the “Humor” category. The likelihood of the DPRK survivng, much less winning, a nuclear exchange with us is zero.

We’ve said repeatedly we have no intention of attacking their country yet they continue this saber-rattling. They want direct negotiations with us, but they don’t deserve them. Informal talks might be OK, perhaps to calm them down a bit, but any future deal with them must include them giving up all nuclear materials. Anything less gives them the means to blackmail us every couple of years if they’re feeling insecure and want some attention.

In another verbal barrage aimed at Washington, North Korea says it will win any nuclear conflict with the United States thanks to Pyongyang’s “army-first” political system.

“Victory in a nuclear conflict will be ours and the red flag of army-first politics will flutter ever more vigorously,” a North Korean state radio broadcast said, as reported by South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

“Our victory is certain and the future ever more radiant.”

North Korea is the world’s most heavily militarized society, with a million-strong army and a military budget expenditure of over $5 billion annually — equal to a little over 30 percent of North Korea’s gross domestic product, according to CIA figures.

But the Stalinist state has been besieged by drought, famine and economic difficulties in recent years, leading to questions over the functionality of its military might.

The latest vitriolic salvo follows a number of war warnings from Pyongyang and claims the U.S. is preparing to strike the North.

The Bush administration has said it has no plans for military action, but the communist state has been pressing for a non-aggression pact as well as direct dialogue with the U.S.

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