The Correct Way To Take Advantage of The Twitter Autoresponder

Twitter autoresponders are nothing new to Internet marketers, but still not many of them use this amazing feature effectively. It really does not take a lot to see the good that can come from using this feature, but we will offer some solid tips for you here.

Sure, of course everybody is has had enough of false promises and spamming that constantly goes on all over the web. So with that said, obviously you need to create a decent to very good impression on everyone you deal with at Twitter and especially new followers. Twitter is one place where it is most important to get the trust of those you are communicating with in your direct messages. Usually people will not un-follow you in any numbers, if at all, but that could change radically depending on your messages. The worst thing you can do is put a promo message in your autoresponder message for new followers to see.

The Twitter direct messages are so short that it really creates the need to get the biggest bang from your efforts. Making positive connections with people can only happen when the beginnings are cordial and polite and without any business related copy. So when you’re sending out a message conveying thanks to your new follower, don’t stop at it, utilize the opportunity to say something more because it’s pointless to just send a ‘Thanks!’. While you cannot do that with the autoresponder, you surely can with a follow-up DM. Remember that the stronger and more positive your direct message, the more likely that person will definitely remember you.

Twitter can be a real challenge because there are clever ways of engaging your followers, and just one is posing interesting questions that just beg for an answer. You cannot proceed at Twitter the standard way you have with other platforms because Twitter is the consummate social environment. You can use your autoresponder as we mentioned, and then again to send out value messages; but be very sure you answer people if they communicate with you. This is not hard to do, and what very many people do is they tend to ignore messages and not reply in any way. Yes, you will find other businesses following you, but still you should step up to the plate and make contact. Ultimately, it is up to you as to the quality of the relationships you develop using Twitter.

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