The copter family of eurocopter

The well-liked Eurocopter EC145 two-engine light-weight utility helicopter designed and manufactured by the Eurocopter Company. The performance notion and type was designed from MBB/Kawasaki BK 117C1, and became an integral of Eurocopter solution lineup from the year 1992. The Eurocopter EC145 is often a light-weight twin engine aircraft that will carry virtually nine passengers as well as a couple of crew members. This helicopter is in particular utilized for emergency medical services, passenger and corporate transport, parapublic utilities and SAR missions. Today, Eurocopter EC145 is most popular among air ambulance operators, air charter companies, coast guards, corporate and individual individuals. As the EC120 review also.

The Eurocopter EC120 Colibri is really a joint venture with the Eurocopter, Harbin Aviation Industries (Group) Limited, China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Organization and the Singapore Technologies Aerospace Limited. The type and development of this 5-seat, single rotor and single engine light helicopter is initiated by these companies only, and is specially produced for mission flexibility. The parts of the EC120 B are assembled by Eurocopter in Australia and France, and in China, this helicopter is designed within the name of HC120, and produced by Harbin Aviation Industries (Group) Limited. This aircraft was in particular formulated for a number of civilian roles like offshore transport, utility transport, casualty evacuation, law enforcement or corporate transport. It is also employed for military training as well as other light utility missions as well. The unit price of EC120 Colibri ranges somewhat close to U.S.7 million or A single million Euro dollars. Together with the Eurocopter x3 specifications

The Eurocopter EC120 B Colibri, or additional popularly the Hummingbird, is really a single engine aircraft of 1.7 tons, specially produced for mission flexibility. The advanced technology program and hi-tech features make the operations of this helicopter a lot safer and simple, and inside the most cost-efficient manner. Moreover, this small helicopter, or a lot more preferably the Eurocopter, is most easy to retain as well. The high technology ergonomic cockpit of the EC120 B, as well as the dual LCD screen Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display, reduces the workload from the pilot a lot and makes the operation additional convenient and simple. This can be the only helicopter of its class that is certainly totally FAR/JAR 27 certified, and offers minimalistic fuel consumption due to the presence on the Turbomeca Arrius 2F engine in this Eurocopter. The wide cabin helps in several civilian utility missions, along with in military training and missions. The crash resistant fuel program and seats and a cruise speed of 223km/hr makes this light weighted Eurocopter EC120 additional well-liked for light utility missions of military and also the civilians. As well as the Eurocopter EC145

EC120 has been specially designed and formulated for many civil activities and military actions as well. Although the features and specifications suitably match both the purpose, this multi-purpose state-of-the-art Eurocopter is used for various purposes by major operators across the world. The major civil operators of Eurocopter EC120 B are India, Denmark, South Africa, Sweden and Portugal. The essential military operators are Spain, Singapore, China, Indonesia and France. The EC120 is also becoming employed for law enforcement purposes in quite a few countries like USA, Brazil, China, Germany, and numerous others.

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