The Best Xbox Games This Year – Black ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Best Xbox games associated with 2011 is a great class to be lumped into for a video game. Call of Duty: Dark Ops has been probably the most popular games associated with 2011. Call of Duty: Dark Ops has sold twelve million copies to date and keeps on flying off the shelves. This particular video game comes in numerous versions for almost any console or server. Some of the versions available are with regard to; Microsoft windows, Xbox360, PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii and there’s even a version for Nintendo DS, the variety of variations might be why it belongs on the best games of 2011, not just the Xbox 360 version. The game is a first person present shooter game. The player can take on the role of a multitude of characters, depending on what they need to get done; the initial character is a foot soldier. The thing is to complete “black operations” behind enemy lines. This can be a single player game or a multi-player game, as well as be played online with other players around the world. The plot from the game is very elaborate and really involves the player. The voices of some of the characters tend to be lent to the game by some Hollywood stars. This game definitely deserves to be on the best Xbox games of This year list.

Gears of War 3

Best Xbox games of 2011 included a lot of video games involving warfare, as always; sports and violence are up high on the list of video game favorites. Gears of Battle 3 is the summary to an extremely unforgettable saga in gaming history. It is the story of Marcus Fenix, the leading man and leader of Delta Squad. This video game is on the list of greatest Xbox games of 2011 because it reels the players into the intense story line and keeps all of them until the bitter finish. This is an action packed, thrilling ride with extraordinary visuals that make the warfare seem ridiculously realistic. It’s no wonder this intense, thrilling game is one of many the best Xbox games of 2011.

Kinect Adventures

Best Xbox games of 2011 has a warm and friendly video game on the list, it is called Kinect Adventures. This video game is probably about the high selling list because it is sold along with every Kinect set up kit. Kinect is really a camera that follows the player’s entire body as well as allows their actions to be transferred to the sport. No old controllers necessary! This game is easily the most family friendly adventure sport on the best Video games of 2011 list. All rolled into one package, this game is an assortment of many mini-games. Although it is about the best Xbox games of 2011 list for some good reasons, the excitement of the game fizzles out very quickly. There are no long term objectives for the players neither does it hold the attention of people or kids that are used to much more intricate, involved video games.

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