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I have decided to have a year out before college and I was convinced that maybe you and I could make a vacation across to Europe. I was contemplating doing a year someplace very hot and I fancy Spain, how would you feel about that? Obviously we would have to bram up Spanish just before we went, things like ordering beer and food and the like. Spanish is not my first language and I must find out easy methods to speak it. If I wish to order food or drink in Spain it will be a lot easier if I was at the very least competent to speak conversationally to individuals there. And So I have started looking for Spanish courses in Adelaide that we could take, nothing too strenuous, simply enough to get us by in conversations and the like. I had a go on the internet and stuck in Spanish courses in Adelaide and spanish lessons in Adelaide and lo and behold, out pops the very thing. And So I have taken the liberty of signing us up for them.

However, if you fancy someplace else inform me but I have heard great things about Spain. Truth mate, however I didn’t know there was place for Spanish instruction in Adelaide do you? I mean I am aware the university does loads of language programs, but this lot are not linked to the college and you can go at your own speed, with more help than you would get in the language division. Spanish courses in Adelaide are an existing create, no mad joeys there to screw up your mood, just honest to goodness blokes and Sheilas that will help you along.

An important feature about it is that you can do it all at home on your computer, so before we know it we will be equipped to impress everyone with our newly found multilingual abilities. Whenever they ask us how we did it we can just turn up our noses and say Spanish courses in Adelaide! You want to take Spanish lessons in Adelaide? My my…we know a perfect place, but we charge a finder’s fee out of them I mean even in Spain beer has to be purchased and we will need extra ackers for that my man.

So in passing I got Phil the Dill and Lance and told them of my plan about the trip however they are going to head to England…boring…however I declared that they would still need to bram up on their vocabulary skills because they don’t talk like us in that place. What i’m saying is rhyming slang, apples and pears and all sorts of that crap…who needs it! So it will likely be Spain for us, if you concur and, with our new Spanish craic, we will fit in nicely find the girls for a little chit chat and be swimming in the deep blue with them in no time flat.

Come back to me Quickly because I am applying soon I think.

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