The Azores Summit

Final Days (
It seems like we’ve been at five minutes to midnight for months now. It appears to be over. If the UN can’t muster the nerve to enforce its own resolutions, we will do so for them.

PRESIDENT BUSH and his Azores allies yesterday gave the United Nations one day to agree to decisive action on Iraq. In the event that there is no such decision today, Mr. Bush will probably announce a second deadline, this time addressed to Saddam Hussein. If neither ultimatum proves effective, which seems likely, tens of thousands of American military personnel will be ordered on a mission to disarm Iraq and remove its dictator by force. In our view, military action has been made necessary by Saddam Hussein’s repeated defiance of U.N. disarmament orders; we believe Mr. Bush is right to go forward despite opposition from France and other nations. Mr. Bush spoke angrily about France’s threats of vetoes in the Security Council, but he and Prime Ministers Tony Blair of Britain and Jose Maria Aznar of Spain also committed themselves to preserving the transatlantic alliance and the United Nations, which Mr. Bush stressed would have a role in the postwar reconstruction of Iraq. “I understand the wars of the 21st century are going to require incredible international cooperation,” Mr. Bush said. If the Security Council fails to act, he said, “all of us need to step back and try to figure out how to make the U.N. work better.”

We should be looking at building an alternative to the UN.

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