The Aussie Magic Bus is different

Aussie Magic Bus run a six month unlimited stops pass from Sydney to Cairns . We are NOT an express bus, so if you only want to see the highway stop reading now. We will stop and show you some pretty cool places of interest along the way, some popular, some that few Aussies have ever seen.

The Aussie Magic Bus unlimited stops pass takes a minimum of five days to complete your journey but we’d like to think that you’ll use the whole year to truly experience what Australia has to experience. With overnight stops at such places as Fraser island , Noosa Heads, Port Macquarie and a country property at Glen Innes you’re sure to see the best of Australia

The Big Red Bus will pick you up and drop you off at your backpackers, if you need a hostel our guides will book one for you. If you need any advice on tours and travel our reservations staff all know the coast like the back of their sunburned hands and are eager to advise you.
Aussie Magic Bus stops at waterfalls, national parks, wildlife parks, beaches, bush walks, country pubs and many other places of interest along the way. Each days travel allows a couple of hours for sightseeing or activities. All backpacking adventure activities can be arranged, such as skydiving , scuba diving , whitewater rafting , sailing and bungy jumping.

10 reasons you should holiday with Aussie Magic Bus

1. Twelve month “hop on / hop off” pass with as many stops as you want means that you are not tied into any fixed itinerary.
2. We take you where YOU want to go, not where WE want.
3. Our schedules are tourist friendly, so if you want to take photo’s or see something of interest on the way you can.
4. Our smaller coaches can enter places the bigger busses can’t.
5. Real live people, not computer answering machines answer our phones.
6. No night travel – so you see more of Australia.
7. Our drivers are tour guides, not cranky old men.
8. We don’t charge for excess luggage like surfboards, in fact we think they make the busses look good.
9. We are significantly cheaper than any of our direct competitors.
10.Our Company is not that big that we forget that backpackers are our life.

10 Reasons you shouldn’t holiday with Aussie Magic Bus

1. You’re old, uninteresting and don’t enjoy life.
2. You’re not in Australia.
3. You enjoy travelling on big, dirty, smelly coaches.
4. You only want to see the highway.
5. You like being treated like a child or a “package tour holiday maker”.
6. You like paying inflated prices.
7. You have no sense offun.
8. You like getting woken up at 5am for breakfast.
9. You would prefer to buy the postcard.
10.You like supporting big corporate companies and it’s associated high life.

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