Swanky Modern Bathroom Is Just The Trick

That is me in the gruelling procedure of updating the bathroom. I absolutely am in agreement that all this hard work and effort is totally neccessary regardless of everything still being in working order. I am sure it will be good when its done but all this disruption is nothing short of a nightmare for me.

That is just like her she is always ready to try and get ready for something, update, to improve upon. As an example, all the vitamins she has been making me take. Lately she started making me take lycopene along with a whole lot of other supplements, but I tried to tell her that I eat a lot of French fries and therefore I obtain all my lycopene benefits from ketchup. Needless to say that didn’t help my situation. “When do you eat French fries? “I had to think fast. To her knowledge the only place I ever eat is at the house. I could feel the classic “why do I buy groceries if you’re going to eat fast food” lecture coming on when I told her about the new bathroom.

She instantly lit up, throwing her arms around me. It felt very pleasant to see her so excited, but I was miserable that that her happiness was going to cost me upwards of $2000. I startet the process of scouting for plumbers first using the oldest methods, the Yellow Pages I phoned a few plumbers to ask for a free estimates. Most told me to jog on. But I scheduled two guys to visit and they each gave me an estimate on new tiles and fixtures depending on the style. My next idea was to sign up for Angie’s list, a great place to read reviews of contractors. From here I found a well reviewed contractor that gave free estimates and a coupon for being an Angie’s list subscriber. When I spoke to him, he was happy to honor the coupon and gave me an estimate $300 cheaper than any of the other guys. I was so happy that I didn’t search any more people, I hired them right away. They got to work the next day and They are looking to be done faster than any other construction team I have ever had in my home. My wife picked out of blue and white subway tiles to accents our walls and floors. But my favorite part is the new power shower that erupts from the walls and top of the shower stall. It’s the most refreshing shower I’ve ever had. I can’t recommend it enough, unless of course, you have to save money. I figured the price of a great morning was worth a few Bob at least.

I dont see the point, It will be nice to feel like we are living in a hotel but I’m not a hotelier. I don’t need to be pampered, I do not need to have an electrically heated tile floor. I don’t need a clear curved glass shower door. I don’t need a bathroom mirror with iPod integration. But I will confess that those things are nice perks.

Okay honey, I like the new bathroom. You win.

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