Susan R. Sanders – Resume

Hola! I am one of the crew leaders of CabalArticles, a global web content writing group. We can post in Spanish and English for world wide internet readers, and are ready for article content production for your blog. Down the page you can see my CV, and you may be able to see other crew leaders and team members’ resumes on this web-site. At the bottom of my CV, you are going to view some illustrations of our exhibited works. For employment enquiries, please reach us using the form on this web site and one of us will reply as soon as we can.


Susan R. Sanders
2391 Liberty Street
Dallas, TX


Graduated With Honors from Brown University

10 years of writing experience (exclusively for Internet readers)

Great fluency in Spanish

Focused, group-oriented employee with a aptitude for specifics

Work Expertise

CabalArticles, New York City, NY

2001 – Present

Staff Organizer

Answerable for planning a worldwide staff of internet writers to meet a complex set of output targets.

– Set records for production, growing production by 20% internationally

– Correctly kept regular records of project distribution

– Handled QA for world wide production across a substantial staff of freelancers

Extra Skillsets

Fluent in Spanish

Advanced skills using a wide range of office software programs

Examples of Published Articles