State Of The Union Address

The address hasn’t even happened yet and I’m already seeing news items about it in past tense. I know Washington leaks, but can’t reporters just pretend?

(1932CT) I’ll be updating this post throughout the night.

(2015CT) President Bush mentions the Medicare bill and CNN went to Ted Kennedy laughing. Not sure why.

(2021CT) Mentions Sgt. Hook indirectly, who will be headed to the ‘Stan in the next month or two.

(2023CT) 45 of 55 from the deck of cards are caught. Military staging 180 raids per week against insurgents.

(2026CT) Mentions Libya and ties it to liberation of Iraq. Quite correctly. Negotiations lasted nine months and coincided with the attack on Iraq and subsequent capture of Saddam Hussein. Notes approach contoured to each nation, specifically Iran and North Korea.

(2029CT) Promises the military the resources needed to fight the war on terror. Says serving legal papers, as with the first WTC attack, not adequate to defeat terrorists.

(2032CT) Makes the case for war on Iraq on a number of fronts: WMD, Saddam’s brutality, etc. Lists our “unilateral” allies. Quite a number of them, I might add.

“America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country.” Amen.

Mentions cultural condescension about some who say others can’t live in freedom. Is committed to transforming a troubled part of the world. No ambitions for empire.

“This great Republic will lead the cause of freedom.”

(2039CT) Makes a case for tax cuts. Speaks of technology and productivity. Adds that education will be required. Progress being made. No shuffling children from grade to grade. Third graders should be able to read at the third grade level.

(2042CT) Emphasizes technology and math for high schools, community colleges and universities.

(2044CT) Wants to make tax cuts permanent. Middle-class cuts are set to expire, along with death tax, small businesses, etc. Advocates tort reform and energy legislation.

(2046CT) Mentions partial privatization of Social Security — doesn’t mention the plan the SSA came out with to do the same. Limits discretionary spending to 4% and reduce deficit by 50% over 5 years.

(2048CT) Mentions temporary worker programs. Opposes amnesty. Will not regularize those that break the law — i.e. they can’t become citizens.

(2050CT) Focuses on healthcare and the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Will allow HSAs and allow retirees to choose Medicare plans, including the existing system. Advocates association health plans for small business. Allow deductions for cat care. Preserve system of private care that makes us the best in the world.

(2055CT) Drug use has declined by 11% in high schools. Asks professional sports to get rid of steroids (WTF !?!?!?!).

(2100CT) Wants to defend marriage with an amendment to the Constitution if judges continue to rule otherwise.

(2102CT) Prisoner re-entry initiative for the 600,000 inmates that will be released this year. A little 10-year-old girl from Lincoln, RI has now become famous.

(2115CT) CNN is interviewing Ted Kennedy. Mike has a great take even before this happened.

(2117CT) Nancy Pelosi and Tom Daschle deliver the Democratic response. Apparently they have not heard of the countries that participated in the Iraqi war — no true international coalition. Ooohhh, Halliburton is mentioned. They have also not heard of the six-way talks with North Korea. Phrase “100%” is used a lot.

Daschle is focusing on domestic policy while Pelosi focused on foreign policy. Daschle claims that partial-privatization of SS is being used to fund tax cuts if we make tax cuts permanent. Claims to be able to create jobs and panders to farmers — the most heavily subsidized group in America. Gripes about education and says Bush tax cuts have gone to increased tuition at colleges. Need a regression analysis on this one. Not only says tax cuts won’t help with health care, but that they make it worse. Need another regression analysis. Rambles on about a number of issues.

(2135CT) Steven Taylor notes that Drew Carey could be the love child of Hastert. James Joyner did a simul-blog as well. Kathy Kinsley heard it on the radio and has observations. Go to VodkaPundit and start scrolling. Too many posts to link. New picture up on the blog too.

There seems to be a consensus that the Democratic response was boring. All of them are, regardless of party. The speech had a good deal of yawning as well.

(2205CT) Patriot Paradox has more. Captain’s Quarters has more, also.

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