Splinter hemorrhages under your nails

Splinter hemorrhages are blood clots under the nails. These blood clots usually take in the shape of longitudinal lines below the nail surface, and hence it seems as if a wooden splinter has entered the nails. In fact, truly a splinter hemorrhages could possibly be caused if a wooden splinter accidentally enters the nail surface, thereby giving rise to a blood clot. Splinter hemorrhages are usually caused by a severe trauma on the nails, during any workout just like sports or occupational hazards. Thankfully, the formation of splinter hemorrhages normally manifest how the pain has subsided, due to the fact the blood clot has already formed. However, apart from trauma, splinter hemorrhages may also be symptoms of some serious underlying disease or disorder such as the Reynaud’s disease or even due to a fungal infection under the nails. This article sheds some medical light on the factors and the treatments of splinter hemorrhages. Similar to splinter hemorrhages in nails

Splinter hemorrhages under the nails are commonly caused by an injury or trauma on the nails. The pressure from outside reasons the blood vessels to rupture and also the splinter hemorrhages are produced as the body’s natural response for the external trauma. However, apart from external trauma, the splinter hemorrhages under the nails might also be symptoms of internal trauma or special medical problems like Raynaud’s disease. The rarest, yet probably the most severe of internal trauma that’s manifested with splinter hemorrhages under the nails may be the condition of endocarditis or defect from the heart valves. This can be indeed a serious medical condition and would need treatment from a qualified surgeon. Splinter hemorrhages under the nails are also sometimes caused by a serious connective tissue disorder called lupus. This is also a serious medical condition that requires the attention on the physician. Other not so severe causes that might bring about splinter hemorrhages under the nails are the conditions of onychomycosis, vasculitis or microemboli. Splinter hemorrhages may perhaps also develop as side results of popular over the counter medicines like aspirin or medicines of headache, arthritis or minor pains. Onychomycosis refers to a fungal infection under the nails and vasculitis ways inflammation of blood vessels from under the nails. Microemboli or formation of small blood clots harmful little capillaries is one more reason behind development of splinter hemorrhages under the nails. Like the splinter hemorrhages causes

Splinter hemorrhages under the nails, if caused by an external trauma then there is no apparent treatment on the problem, except allowing time for natural treatment from the hemorrhage. As the nail grows naturally, the splinter hemorrhages under the nails dissolute and are cast away during the nails. This, by far could be the only natural treatment of splinter hemorrhages under the nails. A single crucial point to understand here that in situation of the nail trauma leading to splinter hemorrhages under the nails, the formation in the blood clot itself is really a natural healing process from the body. However, in case the splinter hemorrhage isn’t formed due to any external trauma, you’ll want to consult a physician immediately to learn what is the reason behind the recurring splinter hemorrhages under the nails. Similar to splinter hemorrhages under the nails.

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