Simul-Blogging The Democrats

I’ll be updating this post throughout the night.

(1809CT) Sharpton is a dud. He can’t even draw black voters in the South. Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in 1984 and 1988. Sharpton came in third with black voters, after Edwards and Kerry.

(1813CT) I’ve been thinking about it and have decided that the Democrats put Dean forward to scare the sh*t out of moderates and conservatives. It worked.

(1825CT) CNN is saying the Kerry campaign is planning to win five of the seven primaries / caucuses tonight. Kerry’s campaign is calling Edwards — correctly, I think — a regional candidate.

Clark is in 4th at the moment in South Carolina, making it look like he has no appeal in the South, one of his supposed selling points. I hope he drops out with Lieberman.

(1834CT) James Joyner has an article saying Clark may indeed drop out.

Missouri polls close in 25 minutes — the biggest state of the evening and will almost certainly be won by Kerry.

(1900CT) Kerry wins landslide half of the vote in Missouri. Kerry wins Delaware; bye-bye Lieberman. Clark, Edwards and Kerry in a three-way tie in Oklahoma.

Edwards making the first victory speech of the night.

(1905CT) I suspect the Edwards campaign has reached a high point. His populist rhetoric has some appeal but I doubt he could compete effectively against Bush, even in the South.

(1916CT) Dean giving a speech basically conceding all of the seven states tonight. He’s planning to win in Washington (state) and it’s telling that Kerry will be giving his speech tonight from Spokane. He will take Washington from Dean.

(1926CT) Steven Taylor is doing multiple posts over at PoliBlog.

(1956CT) Joe Lieberman will drop out according to AP.

(2000CT) Kerry wins Arizona. Confirmed that Lieberman will drop out. May make speech tonight.

(2004CT) National Review has an article on why South Carolina is not a good indicator of how the South will go in the general election. Also, the truth about Massachusetts.

Lieberman announcement expected soon.

(2015CT) Lieberman gives concession speech. Congratulates Kerry and Edwards, then backhands the remaining candidates. Well, he thanked them for being willing to serve. He doesn’t think they have a chance, as I see it. He will continue to fight for his issues. War on terror, family values, etc. Still believes his ideas are the best ones for Democrats and country.

I’m glad he’s quitting simply because it was too painful to watch him lose. I like him pretty well otherwise.

(2028CT) Kerry wins North Dakota. Still close in Oklahoma. Right now Kerry will likely have five wins, Edwards one win with Oklahoma a toss-up.

(2049CT) Still no speech from Kerry. California Yankee and Jeff Quinton are doing multiple posts on the primaries.

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