Sign Of Sanity In The Judiciary, With Qualifications

Judge dismisses suit against gun makers – The Washington Times: Nation/Politics
These suits should be thrown out by default. Even the judge, who dismissed the case due to blacks not being uniquely harmed, said the gun manufacturers were guilty of careless marketing practices. No reference to individual responsibility and the responsible use of firearms. This leaves an opening for future lawsuits.

Thankfully this attempt to circumvent the legislative process, and the Constitution, was blocked. Other suits await. If Congress has the authority it should put an end to this idiocy.

A federal judge yesterday dismissed a lawsuit by the NAACP that claimed gun manufacturers endangered minorities in New York by irresponsibly marketing firearms.

While agreeing there is “clear and convincing evidence” that gun dealers are guilty of “careless practices,” U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein ruled that members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People were not “uniquely harmed” by illegal use of firearms.

Gun-control advocates said the ruling that the NAACP lacked legal standing was based on a “technicality.” Gun owners’ groups said the decision showed Congress must act to stop “frivolous” lawsuits against firearms makers.

Judge Weinstein’s decision follows a trial in May in which an advisory jury cleared 45 gun manufacturers and distributors of negligence for illegal, violent acts carried out with handguns.

In his conclusion to a case that began in 1999 and cost gun makers an estimated $10 million to defend, the judge wrote that courts should create “new legal solutions … to overriding social problems even when other branches of the government are heavily involved in attempting to solve the problems.”

A clear call for judicial overreach. Congress should head the courts off at the pass.

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