Shooting your mates and loved ones, all in a days work with Paintball.

Tony my man, there we were out there shooting at them and we were getting hit time after time. They were firing at us and hitting Mikey and me on the torso and legs at least a dozen times. I’d never seen anyone shoot a paintball so accurately. I was really cheesed off…we had forked out for a three hour session and by the end of the first half hour we were out of paint balls and cash. The other bunch were running wild shooting everyone up. Their kit was magnificent and special so I decided to see what it was like.

I sneaked over to their kit bags when they were at lunch and saw that they had the most amazing guns. I mean really stylish stuff…big, black and bad ass looking mothers…I lifted one and saw that it was like nothing I had used before. I saw the name of the place they had purchased them on the side of the paintball barrels.

When I got home I went to the site and had a look…man they had some feisty looking kit …the paintball barrels are just beyond…aluminium and black…MONSTERS! I looked through not just the site but I also looked at the comments and no-one had a bad word to say about them. Not inexpensive…but hey… you pay for what you get right and if it happens to be the best paint barrel around then so be it.

So I decided to get myself one…as did all the chaps…no problems …straight onto the site and bingo a new paintball barrel for old faithful. So off we went back to the game and all kitted out in our new stuff…guns at the ready.

Man it was no contest…we took everybody apart…I shot one guy straight on the nuts from over 40 feet…he went down hard and then the rest used him for target practice…Tremendous!!!!!

The chaps that had got us bad the first time turned up but this time we were ready for them and they didn’t know what had hit them! We even got that mug that shot us up. I nailed him on the back four out of five shots and Mikey went for the kill shot to his rump…he went down crying like a bitch…all in all a good day out I think.

In any case…look up the site for yourself and have a look at the paint barrels they have on offer. If you need advice call them…the number is on the site and see how to go about getting one of these bad boys for yourself.

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