Shear Genius – The Edgy Hairstyles Competition

“We searched the world to the twelve most proficient stylists to contend at a hair salon in Los angeles.”


Shear Genius is a fact Television competition for effective brighton hairdresser. They’ve got their own personal hair salons and have been inside the market for ten to twenty many years. Some have won prestigious competitions, labored at major trend exhibits, or designed new celebrity hairstyles. Selected from more than 1,000 candidates, most competition are from The united states, but some are from other English-speaking countries including Canada, England, and Australia. You will find there’s harmony while in the quantity of male and feminine hairdressers. Their ages array from early twenties to early forties.


They all compete for any grand prize with several parts: $100,000; a Nexxus Salon apprenticeship; Magnet Company representation; and also the opportunity to fashion hair at an Allure publication photoshoot. The rewards are much like other fact Television shows: Project Runway (income); The Apprentice (apprenticeship); and America’s Up coming Leading Design (representation).


The format most carefully resembles yet another Bravo present, Challenge Runway, which can be nonetheless likely strong right after eight seasons. Indeed you may call Shear Genius the hair version of Challenge Runway because it uses exactly the same basic structure and success formula. In addition they copied Survivor by having reward and elimination problems on each and every episode.

Shortcut Challenge

The Shortcut Challenge can be a two-hour reward challenge. It really is a reduce and color opposition intended to check time conduite abilities. The contestants are informed they are going to be judged on their “technical expertise, creativity, as well as the total look” of their consumers. As we view the highlights in the contest, we occasionally listen to the stylists explain what they may be undertaking or share their struggles.

Once the buzzer sounds, everybody stops functioning, and every one of the new hairstyles are judged. The worst 3 and very best three designs are declared and a winner is decided on. The winner gets 1st choose with the hair types on the subsequent problem (Elimination Problem). This can be an advantage by allowing the stylist to operate on hair she or he feels more comfortable reducing. Nevertheless, the judges take into consideration difficult hair. For instance, the winner of 1 problem was the woman who had been final to pick her model, and that design was really difficult to style.

Elimination Problem

The Elimination Challenge is actually a competitors whereby stylists have two hours to finish a haircutting task based on special requirements. Once they are finished, you will find there’s runway present to existing the brand new hairstyles. Even though the types walk down the runway, you can find voiceovers by the stylists to clarify their creations. A few judges and a guest judge privately go over all the hairstyles and make their choices. They announce the winner as well as the loser. The winner is praised for function which was “shear genius” and gets immunity on the next elimination challenge. The loser is sent residence.


Jaclyn Smith, the famous actress with stunning hair, hosted the 1st and 2nd seasons, then left. It’s more probably she became bored than obtained fired. Smith was constantly quite stylish, polished, and poised, but subject to the restricted edit. She wasn’t provided a lot freedom to show her personality.

The newest host for the 3rd period was Brazilian design Camila Alves. She is 50 percent Smith’s age, but way a lot less well known, and has quite limited Television experience. Alves is much more comfortable but English is not her 1st language. She’s really specialist but features a thick accent and often it’s tough to comprehend what she’s expressing. Her critics complain she speaks way too little by little and doesn’t entirely enunciate her phrases.

She’s easygoing but lacks electricity and won’t have an edgy persona that fits a demonstrate with excessive hairstyles and dominant personalities. Though she has gorgeous prolonged hair, which made her a hair model on one episode, she doesn’t have got a qualifications in hairdressing. Previous contestant Tabatha Coffey would fit the internet hosting function perfectly, but she now has her own demonstrate (Tabatha’s Salon Takeover).


Shear Genius features a few of its personal judges that are veterans and experts in the hair sector. Jonathan Antin, a superstar stylist, was a salon proprietor and has Tv judging expertise. He usually tries to get fair but may be hard and insulting. After a veteran hairdresser had let down him he exclaimed: “My three-year-old kid might have done that!”

Kim Vo, a celeb colorist, judges colours and designs. The host can be concerned in judging. These are all normally truthful but occasionally harsh or maybe snarky. Their responses can be similar to that which you listen to from controversial but entertaining trend critics these kinds of because the late Richard Blackwell, i.e., amusing but nasty.


Tim Gunn is the mentor on Project Runway, and Shear Genius also has a mentor. In Year 3 it was the well-known hairdresser Orlando Pita. He helps contestants by asking them concerns about their eyesight whilst they may be operating on a problem, and then guides them with his specialist suggestions or mild encouragement.


The casting director chooses hairdressers that are not simply professionally successful but additionally prone to help make the demonstrate a hit. They have got big egos, strong personalities, and are colorful characters–literally and figuratively. They develop drama but will make Shear Genius an eyesore. Their own personal hair designs, shades, and outfits can be so loud and obnoxious they are bothersome.


The marketing poster for this program reveals silver scissors stuck while in the back again of your brilliant red salon chair. Backstabbing is promised and supplied. The competitions produce the enjoyment price of unpredicted creativeness and original “artwork,” but there’s also bold trash talk, bitter rivalries, outrageous catfights, harsh judging, and temper tantrums. There’s fundamentally everything you’d expect from a truth Television display with brighton hair salon.


Shear Genius copies the approach of most actuality Television exhibits very first produced popular by Survivor. It has raw honesty with one-on-one interviews of contestants speaking immediately to the digital camera. They discuss as if the opposite contestants won’t ever see Shear Genius, and notify us how they really really feel about annoying gamers and brutal judges. From time to time they share the intimate facts of their particular deeply individual struggles.

Mature Audience

There’s a warning discover before Shear Genius saying it truly is ideal for a mature viewers due to mature content material and coarse language, that is bleeped, however it will also be borderline sexual. About the initial in the 3rd season, for example, the elimination challenge required the contestants to produce styles for runway versions who had been going to have on bikini bottoms only. That they had to creatively style their hair to cover their chests. The design needed to be “sexy and exclusive.”

It had been an accident waiting to take place. A few of the contestants did not properly cover their trend models. As they strutted down the runway it appeared more like a strip show than a hair trend show. Kim Vo and Camila Alves looked unpleasant viewing it.


On the end of the time they announce the winner as well as the supporter favourite.


Ginia Bellafante, the newest York Moments style critic, dismissed Shear Genius that has a stroke of her pen after a single episode calling it “a very dull scissor.” Other critics have complained it employs a fatigued truth Tv method. You can find several distinct items they might do to generate it fresh new and much more fascinating even if you will find there’s limited talent pool for hosts, judges, and mentors.

The celebrities within this demonstrate lack the star electricity of these at Venture Runway. Supermodel Heidi Klum is greater than style design Camila Alves; Tim Gunn is much more recognized than Orlando Pita; and fashion designer Michael Kors is larger than the two Jonathan Antin and Kim Vo.

The prize to the reward challenge might be more considerable, imaginative, and inspiring. When compared with other actuality applications it’s tedious. A greater reward would get viewers more involved while in the opposition. On the really least the winner could acquire a monetary reward like $5,000 in case the producers cannot feel of one thing else apart from initial alternative of hair models!

Shear Genius wants to become far more engaging. At present there isn’t really much that could get viewers emotionally invested while in the present like on American Idol or Dancing With all the Stars. This situation could be solved by permitting viewers vote on who must be removed. Even though the contestants are not allowed to cast a vote, they might be consulted while in the identical way Donald Trump always asks his gamers on the Apprentice who ought to be fired. Throwing competition under the bus provides a lot more drama and aggravation to build rivalries.

A more fascinating dynamic could be produced by from time to time taking a web page from Survivor or Bachelor Pad, wherever people make the elimination selections. At times they might split the worth from the votes with the judges like on Dancing With the Stars. The producers have to do some thing to produce every little thing significantly less predictable. A show that is all about creativeness and asks its players to just take pitfalls must alone be more imaginative and daring.

Shear Genius is recommended for hairdressers due to the fact there are not several standard Tv applications to the hair sector. Its appeal may possibly be weak for anyone outside the style or elegance business. Viewers who really like most reality Tv exhibits could want to view it when to determine when they like it, particularly when they take pleasure in Undertaking Runway with Heidi Klum. They are going to discover the format and editing type accustomed.

There is certainly an unusually large turnover rate; the host, mentor, and judges don’t keep extended. The most recent leaders are almost certainly not much better than the original cast, nevertheless the program is predicted to carry on for no less than a few much more seasons. Its very first season in another country (Brazil) began in 2010.

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