Sgt. Hook, Future Deployments And Thomas Jefferson

Sgt. Hook steals my thunder with a wonderful Jefferson quote and has this to say about a possible future deployment to Afghanistan:

Most soldiers spend their entire careers training to perform their duties under combat conditions, but rarely do they ever see combat. Since September 11, 2001, however, that statistic is changing drastically. The majority of the soldiers are OK with that, in fact, I’d venture to say that many are eager to deploy in defense of our nation. Not because we are some kind of war mongers or want to be heroes, but because its a natural feeling for a soldier to want to fight back after some evil persons have attacked, and continue to threaten, our home and our way of life.

I imagine there are some trepidations among the troops as well. Not so much out of a fear for their lives, but for the wellbeing of the families they’ll leave behind. Though the 25th ID has been flagged for the upcoming rotations (Operation Enduring Freedom 5 & 6), no specific units have yet been identified as going, causing still more angst and uncertainty I’m sure. Yet, I see in the eyes of my soldiers an uncanny amount of pride and determination. I’ll say this though, if my unit is tagged to go, bad guys beware. Sgt Hook out.

God speed to you and your troops.

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