Scuba Experiences Not Dampened by A Few Showers

What a treat it was to recently spend three days and two nights on the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. It’s not often that I myself get to frolic with the fishies, as I am often landlocked. But having made a promise to myself to spend more time at the great barrier reef, I bravely boarded Reef Exploere from Cairns Marina with 34 other keen divers last thursday and eagerly anticipated diving the Ribbon Reefs. We were blessed with little to no wind and excellent visibility. The fish life was astounding and we encountered flatworms, nudibranchs, and a crazy little puffer fish (also known as a star gazer), which gave me an awful fright when it came quickly at me to defend its coral hole. Needless to say it gave everyone who witnessed my reaction to the attack a good laugh.

Although the fin fish spawning has been a little late to commence this spring, Triggerfish mating seems to be in full swing. Dive Master Aaron told of a interesting experience duringa deep dive at Geoff’s Bommie on Milln Reef this week, where a nesting Butterfly very thoroughly defended its nest. Angus’s group of divers had apparently begun investigating two VW sized bommies that were totally surrounded by small fish. In between the bommies was a stand of coral only two feet high, and across that appeared to be the home of a quite mean Triggerfish. Its peaceful environment suddenly trespassed upon, the Triggerfish became very stressed once it sited the group of divers. New dive guide Harold was first to challenge the fish’s glare, making the Triggerfish to swim back and forth very rapidly before charging at Harold like a torpedo. Harold had to quickly roll onto his back and put his feet between himself and the enraged fish. The fish continued to attack until Harold could escape as his fellow divers decided to avoid the area. This close encounter definitely left Harold and Anthony with a scuba experience they’ll remember forever!

Apart from the usual whimsical New Years resolutions to eat better, lose weight, and save more money, why not consider a resoloution to learn a new skill, or to explore a new environment. Consider making Cairns scuba diving the new challenge. Take the opportunity during the school holidays to get the kids qualified. Make that promise NOW! Happy New Years everybody! Be safe and happy.

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