Saddam Is A WMD — A Frontline Perspective

I received an email from a military buddy who received it directly from a buddy of his who is a Marine stationed in Baghdad at the moment. I’ve removed any information that would ID his unit, I hope, and provided a heartbreaking story of what he’s experienced in the past week.

The whole of the email is not positive. He’s critical of one of our programs, going as far as to characterize it as “waste, fraud and abuse”. That may be a common term in the military. I don’t know. He speaks positively of another program and then adds this:

As for the troops being killed here. Yes there has been over a 100 troops and about the same amount of civilians that have passed as well. I will say that if we need to send another 100,000 people here to get the 10% that is causing all the trouble I say we do it.

At the hotel I am at I met a young lady names Bree. I was talking to her because I keep seeing here late at night and very early in the morning. I was curious to know how many hours she was working a week. She told me that she lived at the hotel now. As any normal person would ask, I asked why she lived at the hotel. She said her whole family had been killed during the war. First thing that came to my mind was that her family was killed by a bomb from the US. I asked her this and she said NO. I asked her what happened. She told me with tears in her eyes that she was working as a hotel worker cleaning the rooms while she was going to college here in Baghdad. While at work Sadammís men had come to her house and because her family was Christian, Sadammís men felt that the family would side with the US. So they shot her father, mother, and 3 sisters in the head. They came looking for her but the owner of the hotel hid her till the US troops showed up and took her to her house where her family was still in the yard. She buried them and now lives in the hotel. She runs the computers here and is very grateful to be alive and loves the US.

Saddam from the stories I have heard and what I have seen with my own eyes makes Hitler look like a school boy. The man was horrible to his people and even worse to people he did not like. Saddam was and till the day he is dead a WMD. In my opinion.

Regarding the death of U.S. soldiers, I’ve been told that some U.S. soldiers call the current situation “contract security” and question the wisdom of having them stationed at intersections and other places where they are just targets for insurgents. Even so, it seems there are those that really believe in what they are doing, even if they question the manner in which it is carried out.

It’s hard not to be moved by this soldier’s words.

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