Roundup Post

With the cutback in blogging around here I’ve had more time to read. Here’s a quick roundup:

* Dan Spencer has a number of good posts. For a post on the Zarqwi aid that was nabbed, look here. For a post on Kerry’s missed vote on the bioshield, look here. For a post on Kerry’s reduced idealism, look here.
* Spoons has an excellent link to the biggest dork on the planet. He’s not kidding.
* Blackfive has an excellent roundup of D-Day links. Via Wizbang.
* The economy is humming, creating 248,000 jobs last month and 1.1 million since last August. The BLS report is here. It’s great news regardless of who’s elected. Whoever wins will get to take credit for a massive amount of job creation in 2008, regardless of whether he had anything to do with it.
* Steven Taylor has some idiocy from CNN on Kerry’s VP choice. Apparently they’ve also forgotten that Bill Clinton can never succeed a sitting President given that he’s served the maximum of two terms. Doesn’t make much sense to pick him.
* James Joyner has a post about possible troop adjustments. Apparently Rummy is looking at reducing, and hopefully ending, our permanent deployments in Europe and South Korea. It’s long overdue. James notes, in a very droll manner, that this might force Europe to actually learn to defend herself. That, too, is long overdue. We’ve been subsidizing their recklessness for far too long.

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