Riyadh Delenda Est

Bill Quick has a great post on our soft treatment of the Saudis, apparently extending to redacting pages of the 9/11 report that implicate them. This is getting a little sickening, to say the least. If the Democrats were screaming about anything, it should be this, yet they are focused on a non-issue related to yellowcake. Of course, if they screamed about this they might find themselves exposed as well.

I’m not advocating an attack on Saudi Arabia, though I wouldn’t rule it out if the information is damaging enough. What I am advocating is that the whole truth be known. We already know they fund madrassas around the world that teach hatred of the West, America in particular, and we call ourselves allies. Bullshit.

Let the truth out and let the American people know how you intend to handle it, Mr. President. It doesn’t require a war, you could simply say that you expect to use Iraq as a way of marginalizing Saudi Arabia over the long run. Seeing that we are willing to speak the truth will go a long way towards changing the behavior of the Saudi regime.

We’ve already shown that oil embargoes don’t work and there’s no need to do that. All it does is create artificial shortages. For their own part, the Saudis can’t do much because their economy is a one-trick pony: oil. Oil is fungible. They can’t refuse to sell it to us and turn around and sell it to Europe because it will find its way here, though at a higher price. If they refuse to sell to the world, fine: let them eat their oil.

UPDATE: The Professor has a post on this issue as well and it contains a link to why the Democrats may not be taking up this issue — they could be exposing themselves to criticism as well.

ANOTHER UPDATE: It appears Chuck Schumer has a press release demanding the de-classification of the 28 pages in addition to the extradition of a Saudi national who may have been involved in 9/11. Bravo! Via InstaPundit.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Wind Rider raises the issue over at Silent Running that the redacted pages could compromise the ongoing war against terror, among other things. I’m skeptical, but if releasing the pages would make such a compromise, the President should say so, loudly.

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