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The iPad pronounced as an eye-pad is a chain of personal computers created, created and marketed in tablet form by Apple Inc., which serves as platform for AV press for instance online games, songs, periodicals, guides, web content material and films. On 27th January,Steve employment the CEO of Apple Inc., introduced the iPad whose excess fat and size was related to those of laptop computer systems and smartphones belonging to the similar league. Like iPod touch & iPhone, iPad also uses the IOS operating system to run its numerous applications. Without any modification, iPad is generally designed to run programmes and applications which are approved and supported by Apple Inc. and distributed through the Apple store. iPad like iPod touch & iPhone is characterised by a multi-touch display which is actually a surface(touch screen or track-pad) which is sensitive to plural touch. It has the ability to detect the presence of 2 or more points of contact on the touch sensitive surface. In order to access the internet and LAN (local area network), some versions of iPads are sold with Wi-fi features. iPads are also available in 3G and 4G cellular models.
In 2010 April, Apple launched its first iPad which was formally called as iPad 1 and it sold a whopping three million iPads just within 80 days of its public showcase and about 14.8 million pieces were sold worldwide in rest of the year. By the end of the year 2010 it captured almost 75% of the market share of tablet PC’s . In 2011 Apple launched its new series of iPad, namely,“iPad 2” and sold 15.4 million iPads along with 5 million mac pc’s and 37 million iPhones, generating 9.5 billion $ as revenue and capturing 90% of the tablet PC segment of the market.
With the other software and IT companies like Samsung, Motorola, Acer and Lenevo and Asus biting the bait and coming up with their own versions of tablet PC’s, which sport each of the features of the previous two iPads at and are available at much lower prices than Apple Inc. currently charges. So, to beat the competition and to ensure the continuity of their dominance over the tablet PC market, the master innovators at Apple Inc. have left no stone unturned to make sure that their iPad three specs are the best. iPad 3 has been rumoured to be launched by early 2012.
One should get iPad 3 because apart from like every one of the wonderful features of iPad2 , it comes with a enhanced performance guarantee and a more compact and intricate circuitry. A major drawback of iPad 2 was that it could support 4G but the iPad three has overcome that barrier and is capable of supporting both 4G-lite and 4G-WiMax. Another great reason to buy ipad 3 is that supports a higher version of iOS 5 which makes working on it each of the more easier. Buying iPad three is going to a very purchase as it has a quad-core chip processor which will not only enhance the performance but more importantly will make it compatible with all the software that iPad 2 could not support.
Another irresistible feature that the iPad three will showcase is its huge 8MP camera with video recording in 1080p with HD quality. To Buy iPad 3 is usually a viable option also because it boasts a double pixelated retina display. Also, another great quality that makes buying iPad three a smart decision is that one will not need glasses to be able to watch and enjoy the 3D visuals on iPad three. One can also look forward to buy ipad 3 because it will support Microsoft Office Suite which will be pretty beneficial for businessmen, students and teachers alike who can perform their daily work ( making spreadsheets, writing documents and slide-show) in a incredibly convenient manner .
With the great advancement in technology, individuals are demanding gadgets which will be worth the money spent and they also want to ensure that they get the best deal. Men and women want a device which is convenient, portable and also serves maximum purposes. So, one must definitely get iPad 3 as it definitely worth the wait and the money .

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