Reasons to Chose Thai Airways.

Thai Airways has been quietly establishing their reputation in the airline industry over the last 50 years, but are still an unknown to some. With many convenient and comfortable flights to offer, Thai Airways serves destinations in Asia as well as Thailand, areas that are becoming more popular with business travelers as well as vacationers. Plenty other private jet charter airliners visit the same countries as well.

Thai Airways passenger comfort for everyone is their top priority, but they also offer the signature service of Royal First Class. For flights that cover long distances, such as between Bangkok and London, Sydney, Paris and several other locations, this is offered as an option. If you choose this level of service, you’ll be so comfortable that you’ll hardly notice the duration of the flight, as every detail is carefully attended to. Your top quality meals will be served on fine porcelain and crystal glasses which will make you think you are in a high class restaurant instead of a plane. Also offered for your entertainment pleasure is the state of the art Audio Visual On Demand (AVOD) system that allows you to access a wide variety of TV shows, movies, music and more. Your preferential treatment begins on the ground with priority baggage handling and check-in.

So you can get the most out of your vacation, Thai Airways can connect you with a vacation package that will suit your interests and needs. In any part of of the world where Thai Airways flies, they can offer you a Royal Orchid Holidays Packages which offers a variety of tours and activities. A wonderful stay at the country’s luxurious health spas, a cycling tour or a river cruise are just a few things you could enjoy if you were going to go to Thailand. Thailand’s spas are famous and if you visit one, you can experience such relaxing and therapeutic treatments as a facial or a Thai massage. Other locations that Thai Airways serve have similar offerings. Their website will offer you a variety of Royal Orchid Holidays Packages to choose from.

Thai Airways works hard to create a good travel experience for the increasing number of business travelers to Thailand and other destinations in Asia. Royal Silk Class is the name they give to their business class, and you’ll experience the advantages of this even before you get on the plane. You will be able to enjoy a shoulder or foot massage and access the special lounges where you can wait for your flight. Thailand is a destination many people would love to fly into, and for those people, their airline of choice should be Thai Airways. Of course, you can also take one of its many flights to other Asian destinations as well, and perhaps take a trip to Australia or New Zealand as well. If Thai Airways sounds appealing to you, why not check out their website and find out more about this award-winning airline?

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